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Why does natsume love mikan?

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Natsume loves Mikan for a lot of reasons. To name two -and most obvious- he loves her because 1. she's not like the other girls who drool all over him, like Permy. 2. He loves her for her personality. She's always happy and optimistic, the direct opposite from him. He doesn't want to admit that he loves her because he's afraid that, if they're togther, he'll cause her to become depresses like himself and she wouldn't be happy. Little does he know, though, that she loves him too.

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How does mikan fell about natsume?

at the end, mikan love natsume. but, not for the first little bit.

What does natsume think of mikan?

natsume think that mikan is annoying at first but then, he start to love her.

Does Natsume love Mikan?

Yes, he does!

Does Ruka love Mikan?

yes, ruka does love mikan, but he also knows that natsume loves her too. he and natsume becomes rivals for her love for a bit in the manga.

Did natsume and mikan ever kissed?

Oh yes. She kissed with Natsume twice, both in volume 9. In Christmas party, Mikan danced with Natsume. But a couple hit Mikan by accident and Mikan fell over to the floor, upon Natsume. When Mikan opened her eyes, she was 'tooth kissing'with Natsume. And, after some time, Mikan and Natsume were sitting on the tree. They were talking about kissing and Mikan said that she can't understand the girl who kiss with Natsume. Natsume said it is you, and Mikan said it is not a kiss. Then Natsume kissed to Mikan, angry about what she had said.

When does mikan fall in love with natsume?

chapter 134

Who does Mikan like?

she is so in love with natsume sometimes she can't stand him but she's in love with him. Natsume actually said that he would protect Mikan and that he loves her in chapter 97.

Why didn't Natsume tell Mikan about his feelings?

In my opinion, I believe Natsume didn't tell Mikan about his feelings at first because he knew that Ruka was in love with her. At the same time he didn't want to give up on her so he kept it to himself which later on leads Ruka to realize Natsume is in love with Mikan. Ruka gives up on being with Mikan for Natsume and Mikan's sake and Natsume would've done the same thing, so to answer your question I believe he didn't tell her for the same reason Ruka gave up Mikan to Natsume.

Is mikan sakura completely in love with natsume or to ruka?

Mikan doesn't know that Natsume and Ruka love her, but what is clear is that she is in love with Natsume, not Ruka. In chapter 98, it is made obvious to her that Natsume loves her when he says that he wants to become an adult and run away with her right now to which she replies "Me, too."

Is natsume and mikan dating?

Natsume and Mikan are not dating but there have been fan fiction stories written that have them dating. Natsume and Mikan are characters in Gakuen Alice.

Did mikan and natsume are together?

Yes, Mikan and Natsume in the Gakuen Alice manga are together.

Does mikan and natsume ended one other?

natsume like mikan not luna. He's just protecting Mikan from Luna.

When does natsume confess to mikan?

Well Mikan says it b4 Natsume Mikan confesses in chapter 134 page 7

What episode did natsume hug mikan?

As far as I know, the chapter where Natsume really hugged Mikan was in chapter 86, Natsume doesnt really hug Mikan in the anime........

In which episode do you find out that Natsume likes Mikan?

Natsume starts to like Mikan after episode 15.

Does Natsume like Mikan?

Yeah, he does. Even though he doesn't show it, he does. Ruka likes Mikan too, cause Mikan is like 'Sunshine' to both him and Natsume. Pretty interesting, eh? A love triangle. haha :) -bx

What chapter did Natsume and Mikan are on bed?

it's in chapter 55 wherein mikan and natsume were stuck together

In anime gakuen Alice natsume kiss mikan?

In the anime Natsume does not kiss Mikan but in the manga he kissed her a lot.

Who does natsume love mikan or Luna?

Natsume didn't love Luna. He was only pretending to protect Mikan. Luna Koizumi was also threatened him to stay still and quiet and do what she said, and if he didn't, she would harm Mikan. Natsume loves Mikan, and it is the obvious truth. He confessed it in front of the elementary principal, Principal Kuonji. EXACTLY!!! he barely ever acted like it, he just put up with it, for Mikans sake!!!

Who loved mikan natsume or ruka?

Actually... BOTH of them liked Mikan, but Ruka gave her up because he knew that Natsume loved and needed her. He knew Natsume was in pain and never shared any of his pain to him. But Mikan came and help heal some of that pain, so he knew Mikan was right for Natsume. Ruka gave his blessing to Natsume when he found out he proposed to her.

What chapter did natsume confessed his love for mikan in front of the dangerous ability class?

If I'm not wrong, it's Chapter 90 :) -bx you are wrong i checked it and it said nothing about natsume liking mikan :P

Does mikan sleep with natsume?

Yes Mikan does sleep with natsume.... I forget what chapter but i know that he pretended to be stuck to mikan.... (Ruka and Hotaru got stuck...too, but natsume and mikan got unstuck) So they ended up sleeping together and during the middle of the night mikan thinks natsume is sick/weak...(watever) and she calls natsume....he leans over....she says thank god-ness...(i think) .....natsume puts hes hand up and pulls mikan down to him....(not kissing just bed) ...the next day mikan thinks it real...(shes holding his neck when he wakes up) ...natsume thinks she crazy and wakes her up telling her to stop hold her...... SHORT QUESTION ....LONG ANSWER :l ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There seems to be wrong info with the first answer. so I'll just write a new answer. Mikan does sleep with Natsume in chapter 55. But they didn't do anything. For some reason, Natsume held onto Mikan, and pretended to be still stuck to Mikan, even though they were unstuck. They ended up having to sleep together in Natsume's room (with Tsubasa out in the halls, in front of the door.) Natsume wouldn't tell Mikan the reason why he pretended to be still stuck. Mikan thinks about Hanazonokai while Natsume falls asleep. Natsume appears to be having a nightmare and Mikan tries to wake him up. Natsume is half-asleep when he reaches out and hugs Mikan, to Mikan's surprise. He tells Mikan to shut up and that he'll give her back to Ruka and falls asleep while still hugging Mikan. When Mikan wakes up, she's surprise to see that she is hugging Natsume and kissing his forehead. Natsume appears to be annoyed. Mikan insists that Natsume was the first one to hug her but then Natsume don't remember about that event (since he was half-asleep)

Will natsume with mikan?

yes they will be together.

When does Natsume kiss Mikan?

Natsume and Mikan are characters on the television series "Alice Academy." The pair kiss in the comic, but not in the television series.

What chapter did natsume kiss mikan?

Natsume kissed Mikan in Chapter 50, page 26 and 27, during a Christmas party.