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Check your Air Conditioning / Heater Vacuum Check Valve. It located under the passenger side fuel rail cover. This plastic part break apart because of the heat of the engine over time. The vacuum tubes probably are just hanging next to this valve. I had this same problem and this was the part in question.

2008-04-07 15:17:24
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Q: Why does no ac air blow through the dash vents on your 1994 corvette Air only comes out via the floor or the windshield?
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Where can one purchase Corvette floor mats?

There are several good options in order to purchase Corvette floor mats. Some examples include "Auto Anything", "Amazon" or "eBay". Besides that also local Corvette dealers should be checked.

What is wrong if you cant change the acheater from blowing to the floor and windshield on a 97 3.4 Monte?

you have a vacuum leak check hoses, listen for leak on smaller hoses.vacuum controls the air that comes out of defroster , floor, or dash.

Why is there water on the floor of your 99 Taurus wagon?

Water on the floor can be caused by a leaking windshield, a bad heater core, or a plugged drain line for the air conditioning condensation. If the water is warm when it comes out, or smells sweet, it is from the heater core.

Why are your floor mats wet after it rains 2001 honda accord?

Leaking windshield or clogged windshield cowl drain lines.

I coolant on the passenger floor of a 1978 corvette the fault of the heater core?


What do you look for in having the blower blow to the floor and through the vents. Currently no matter how you adjust the AC or heater control it blows through the defroster by the windshield?

your switch cable might be broke you will have to remove your dash

Where is the high beam switch in 1975 Corvette?

== == It's on the floor sometimes hidden by the carpet.

Vacuum diagram to a 1976 Corvette?

Answerwhich vacuum system diagram are you looking for? Let me I have a 1978 Corvette with factory a/c. The unit works fine except it blows the cold air on the floor rather than through the vents. I know they is an actuator that controls this but I can not find it.

Water gets in your car everytime it rains and you dont know where it comes from?

Water can get in when the firewall flashing is missing outside under the windshield cowling. The water gets into the heater/defroster system and then drains on to the floor.

How do you turn on the high beams on a 1973 corvette?

There is a foot switch on the driver's floor by your left foot.

How do you remove the seats from a 1987 Chevy Corvette?

look around the bottom of the seat their should be bolts leading through the floor board take those out (their should be 4 of them) and just remove the seat.

Is floor an adverb?

No, the word "floor" is not an adverb.The word "floor" is a noun ("the floor was yellow") and a verb ("I will floor him if he comes near me").

1979 Corvette and the AC only blows out on the floor Any answer's?

The 1979 Chevrolet Corvette air flow door might the stock in the position so that air only blows out of the floor vents. The air flow door is located next to the blower fan.

There is water in the right front floor board on a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 it is not antifreeze think it is windshield washer fluid is this possible if so how do you fix it?

reseal the windshield

Why the air conditioner in a 88 Astro Van only bloww air through the windshield and a little through the floor?

Check for a vacuum leak or broken vacuum line first and if all is correct then you will need to check the a/c - heater controller..........

What are the best places to shop for Corvette Jackets?

There is a Corvette store online that sells a variety of Corvette licensed merchandise such as sunglasses, floor mats, hats, luggage, and of course, apparel. The website sells all kinds of jackets for both men and women that have the Corvette logo on them. The jackets come in leather, satin, or fleece.

Where is the fuel filter located for a 1986 corvette?

under the passenger side floor next to body rail

Where is the firewall in a 2001 Chrysler?

The big chunk of steel that supports the bottom of the windshield and the front floor.

Why would water from highway comes through flooring of car?

1) a damaged floor pan . 2) a rusted floor pan . 3) it's not coming from outside, the heater core is leaking.

How does water get in the driver side floor in a 1978 Chevy Nova?

more than likely the windshield is leaking and the water is running behind the dash onto the floor.

What would cause the passenger floor to be very wet when it rains on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

Windshield seal? Lower door seal? Hole in floor ?

Why is 2003 impala water on passenger floor?

you could have a heater core leaking or your windshield is leaking and the water is running down behind the dash and onto the floor.

Where is the fuel pump relay on 84 Corvette?

Possibly at the same place it is on a 1982 Corvette behind drivers seat in front of battery between battery and carpet on floor at rear of seat. Its worth a try

Can a leaking head gasket cause your floor to be wet?

No. You have either a leaking heater core, or a leak at the windshield.

How do you locate and repair a small crack in your sunroof on an Acura Integra that causes the floor on the driver's side to get soaked when it rains hard when the seats remain dry?

its probably not cracked open the sun roof there should be a small hole in the front of where the glass goes when it is closed in the corner try and blow compressed air through it there is a drain tube that should go through the frame of the windshield when you blow the air through it feel where it comes out that's where your leak is