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It may be that the "Hot wire" is connected to the Hot side of a fuse in the fusebox.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-30 08:33:46
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Q: Why does only the radio on a 1999 Ranger come on with no key in the ignition?
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What would cause radio in 2005 ford focus to come on with key out of ignition?

Is it an "after-market" radio? It sounds like it was wired to a "hot" terminal that is not controlled by the ignition switch.

How do you fix a radio in 1996 Ford Ranger that doesn't come on?

by a new one

Your 1987 ford ranger signal lights and heaterair fan blower only come on when the ignition switch is placed in a certain position Now they don't come on at all in any ignition position Why?

Ignition switch worn out and needs to be replaced? After 20 years

Security light in 1999 Buick regal?

Why is my security light on and will not let my key come out of the ignition. 1999 buick regal

Why would the radio in a 1998 Chevy Suburban come on by itself after you turn off ignition and remove key?

Well sometimes the radio is hooked up to the ignition itself. It is just the ignition wire, if it has a disconnecting face plate then you can turn it off by taking the face plate off. Or if you would like, you can pull the radio out and disconnect the wire from the ignition and it will not still be on when you cut the truck off.

I have a misubishi Pajero 1999 all the time I turning on the ignition key the horn start to soud what can be the problem?

I nhave a misubishi pajero 1999 all time I turn on the ignition switch the horn come on What can be the problem

How do I replace the lighted ring around the ignition on a 1999 Mercedes CLK?

The lighted ignition ring is held on with to retaining clips. Pry outward on each retaining ring. The lighted ignition ring will come off.

Why did your abs light come on and your speedometer stopped working on your 1999 ford ranger?

speed regulator sensor needs replacement

Why would your heating system only come on sometimes in a 1999 Olds Intrigue?

Possibly related to an ignition switch problem.

How do you make the headlights on a 1999 Mercedes C230 stay on all the time so they automatically turn on and off with ignition?

Set your light switch to "auto" on the dash and your lights will come on automatically with the ignition. Turn your light switch on your dashboard to "auto" or "automatic" and the lights will come on and off with your ignition switch.

Your 91 infiniti g20 wont start the lights come on and so does the radio but when you turn the ignition there is no noise at all anybody know what is wrong?

Check the ignition switch itself, sounds like it may be the problem.

Car wont start however your lights come and the on automatic locks click when you try to lock or unlock and radio does not go on?


How do you remove a stuck cassette from a 1995 dodge pickup?

YOU simply shut off the power switch to the radio and then turn off the ignition switch and when you restart the truck it should come out as long as the radio power is off

How do you get your key out of a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo ignition when the car is in park?

If it won't come out try pushing up lighlty on the shitfer ( towards radio) or to the side towards drivers seat. You should here a click and the key will turn back If this enables you to get the key out you will need to replace the shifter.

How do you remove a stuck key from the ignition on a 1999 ford escort?

you get a pair of pliers and jiggle it out and turn the wheel left and right and it should come out

What size tires did 1999 Ford Ranger XL come with from the factory?

According to my Consumer Guide book : A 1999 Ford Ranger XL - 2 wheel drive - came with 205/75R14SL tires A 1999 Ford Ranger XL - 4X4 - came with 215/75R15SL all terrain white letter tires On the end of the driver's door there should be a sticker with the original wheel and tire size , along with recommended tire inflation pressure

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What is the radio code for a 1999 leganza Daewoo?

My code was on a sheet in the glove box. Turn the radio on and an error code will be visible. Try 4362 on the radio keypad allowing time for each digit to enter. If it works, the radio will automatically come on after the last digit is entered. Good Luck!

Why does your radio and lights come on when it rains without the key being in the ignition?

This is extremely strange and may not have anything to do with the rain. There could be a short in the wiring system that is triggered by the atmospheric pressure in the air.

How do you get radio on your ipod touch?

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When does the 2011 Ford Ranger come out?

The 2011 Ford Ranger is available now at your Ford dealer.

Why would your abs light come on after trying to hook up your radio on a buick skylark 93?

I've replaced the radio in mine more than once and never had that problem. Check the contacts and the radio itself. Maybe it's defective. You might also have the ignition switch or the whole electrical system checked.

Peugeot 106 xnd radio doesn't come on when ignition turned on and when you turn the radio on all stored radio channels are reset and i have to tune the radio in every time i start the car?

someone hooked up the radio wrong...rewire... if its the original radio...haven't a clue.. Dave answer you have no constant live running to the memory pary of the radio all it takes is to change 2 wires over unfortunatly i forgot which 2 but any mechanic could advise

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