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Q: Why does oxygen or compressed air never be used to pressurize a system?
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How is a birds circulatory system an advantage?

There will never be any mixing of oxygen-rich blood and oxygen-poor.

Why are some o2 tanks yellow?

The color of a tank should never be considered an indicator of contents. There is no regulation in the U.S. regarding the color of compressed gas tanks. You should rely on knowing where the tank came from, what it was used for, and the label affixed near the valve to judge its content.The question mentions oxygen, so if this tank has been used medically and has a label affixed indicating oxygen, be especially careful as this is likely to be pure oxygen and very flammable if handled incorrectly.Also keep in mind that not all oxygen is fit for human consumption, oxygen is used in many industrial and scientific applications, only medical grade oxygen is considered safe for inhalation, and must be down so with the proper mix and rate.If you are unsure of the contents or the correct method of handling this tank you need to contact a compressed gas distributor to aid in identification you will likely receive a refund of your deposit when you return the tank.

Why don't you ever see solid oxygen?

You will never find a solid oxygen because oxygen solidifies at -225 degree celsius_a temperature to low for human survival/experience

Where is Oxygen poor blood collected?

Deoxygenated blood is not collected anywhere. Blood is a constantly moving stream - it never stops, as the question implies. The oxygen poor blood goes to the lungs, where it turns oxygenated as it takes up oxygen.

Does the digestive system interact with the circulatory system?

Yes it does. When food is digested in the large intestine, where the nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream and travel to the liver for further processing. Beyond that, the digestive system is composed of cells which, like any other cells, require oxygen carried by the blood, as well as protection by the immune system, also carried by the blood, and nutrients since the digestive system is not always digesting (except for people who never stop eating - put down that donut!)

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Why should oxygen or compressed air never be used to pressurize a system?

Oxygen or compressed air should never be used because they contain moisture, and moisture reacts with oil in the system to for acids ( organic solids ) R12 R22 R502 R134a will hydrolyze ( a chemical reaction ) with water forming hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids and more water. Motor windings will deteriorate and metal corrosion and sludge can occur

How is a birds circulatory system an advantage?

There will never be any mixing of oxygen-rich blood and oxygen-poor.

Chevy S-10 won't start unless you turn key on and let fuel pump pressurize you never used too what is wrong?

The fuel system always had to pressurize. If you are having issues, your fuel filter in the rail next to the tank must be replaced. The normal cycle for replacing the filter is 15,000 miles. The filters are inexpensive, well under $20.00.

Why is the circulatory system a busy system?

The Circulatory system is a busy system because it can never stop. Your circulatory system is what pumps your blood and gives your cells food water and oxygen and takes waste away from your cells. If your circulatory system ever stopped then you would die.

Which part of the human circulatory system delivers oxygen from the heart to the liver?


What organ or structure absorbes oxygen from the air?

The respiratory system seems like the obvious answer, but you used the word absorb. The respiratory system takes air into the lungs, but the red blood cells (erythrocytes) absorb the oxygen out of the air taken into the lungs. The circulatory system then delivers these red blood cells to the capillaries where the oxygen is traded for carbon dioxide as the cells need.

When will the world implode?

Never. Earth cannot implode. For its mass and composition, Earth is about as compressed as it will ever be.

What goes in and never goes out?

Oxygen :)

What is indirect refrigeration system?

Indirect and direct refrigeration systems are typically used on LPG carriers for cooling different cargos. Indirect systems cool the cargo by a refrigerant without being compressed. In the direct refrigeration cycle the cargo is compressed, condensed and returned to the tanks. The safer method is indirect refrigeration because the cargo never mixes with the refrigerant.

Name 3 things you should never do with compressed air?

put fire by it, breathe it, or hit the bottle

What is the forula for oxygen?

The formula for Oxygen is actualy "O" but because one oxygen atom is never alone it is written as O₂

Where are the Oxygen sensors located on a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado half ton truck?

All oxygen sensors are always screewed into the exhaust system/pipes, there will never be any after the muffler. There about 3 to 4 inches long with a electric wire connector pluged into them.