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It's Darry not Gary anyways "He believes that if Sodapop would let him Darry would place Ponyboy in a boys home. Darry is always pushing Pony. "If he got B's Darry wanted to know why they weren't A's" "If they were A's Darry wanted to make sure they stayed A's." "If he was playing football he should be studying, and if he was studying he should be playing football." Towards the end of the novel Pony realizes that Darry loves him and the reason he is always picking on Pony is because he is afraid. Darry is afraid that he is going to lose Pony "just like he lost Mom and Dad."

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What did pony think of soda in the outsiders?

He love dhim and looked up to him

What do cherry and pony think of there friends?

They both think that they have the best friends in the world and they love THEIR friends

When do you think about thinking of a horse or pony?

I think about thinking about thinking of a horse or a pony in the afternoon.

When was My Little Pony invented?

The My Little Pony toyline first came out in 1982. The first animated feature was in 1984.1983 i think but in 1986 cartoons i think first kind of my little pony was my pretty pony i think

What do you think the relationship between pony and darry will be like now?

i think darry and pony are getting closer because of what happened to pony and darry was so worried about him

Why do you think cherry chose to associate with the greasers?

I think that Cherry chose to associate with the greasers because she liked Pony and Dally a lot. She also feels similar and doesnt really like how the Socs are always fighting

What breed of pony is a good jumper?

i think a shetland pony is a good jumper

When you can ride a pony?

It doesnt matter, u can ride at any age and any time

When will the new Stacy gregg book pony club secrets book come out?

I hope so because i love pony club secrets there is one called angel and the flying stallions this is it doesnt it look coool oh yeah!!go Stacy greegs. keep on writing. everyone loves them!!

How is pony boy jumped?

Read the book, the movie doesnt really show it. The book shows it, but I think he was really only jumped because the Socs were drunk and looking to rough someone up, particulary a greaser kid. Pony boy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What type of pony is Two Bits in Two Bits and Pepper?

I think two bots is either a highland pony or a shetland pony but i could be wrong

What does pony think darry will be on day in the outsiders?

Pony thinks Darry could be a "socs" if it wasn't for the gang.

I want a PONY?

who doesnt? no1 loves horses more than me (belive me) so i know how you feel

Who does Spike love in My Little Pony?

Spike has a crush on Rarity.

What is your mlp name?

my little pony name is rarity i love her she stylish pretty and her sister i love her

How big do bird dog puppies get?

I am not sure this is right, but I think they get pretty big, like bigger than an mini pony! Hope I helped. I LOVE hobos!

How much does a miniature pony cost?

It depends on what sort of pony it is... e.g a cart pony, a jumping pony, a young pony, an old pony etc. At the moment we are possibly buying a miniature pony for $550. That is a good price for a young miniature (well, I think so)! So in the end it really depends on what you are looking for.

Lists of things to think about choosing a horse or a pony?

Well the first thing you should think about is, Can I (or my parents) afford a pony or horse? Next you'll need to figure out if you have enough time to properly care for the horse / pony. Then if you still feel that a pony or horse is right for you, you can begin thinking about what you'd want to do with your pony, what level of rider you are, how big the pony should be, and many other factors.

Is there a similar thing to kitty love OR puppy love OR pony love that you don't have to download and is on the Internet?

yes its puppy luv adventure or youre probibly talking about baby luv ANSWR: "Puppy love" is a feeling, not something that can be downloaded from the Internet. I (kitty/puppy/pony) love you, anyway!!!!

Is there a pony cell phone?

If this concerns the TV ad with the pony eating the dog house, I think back in the day it was perceived that girls wanted a pony for Christmas. I don't believe there is a pony cell phone.

What was the pay for the pony express?

I actually don't think that people got paid in the pony express!

What is the probability of becoming a pony?

Zero. Humans do not have morphing abilities. If you think you are a pony, please seek psychiatric assistance.

How do you make your mum think that you could look after a pony on your own?

I've had my own pony for 3 years and we're so good together. I started at a riding school and always dreamed of having my own pony but convincing your parents is easier than you think. Try going to as many own a pony days as you can and really stand out and try your best. You obviously just love being close to horses. Have you tried asking for a loan pony this a great chance to show your mum you're dedicated. But be aware of money problems they are expensive animals and also A PONY IS FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS!!! good luck xx

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