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Because i love Rheid Cline

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Q: Why does red fade the quickest?
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When was Fade to Red created?

Fade to Red was created on 2006-02-14.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fade to Red - 2006?

The cast of Fade to Red - 2006 includes: Tori Amos as herself

Do red shorts fade?

I have never seen a pair of red shorts that didn't fade. You can slow the process by washing them in cold water with other red laundry.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fade to Red - 2008?

The cast of Fade to Red - 2008 includes: Danielle Louie as Bethany Derek Meeker as Robert

Which markers fade the most?

Red, (followed by yellow).

How does red fade out?

The sunlight fades the color red to white like my warning sticker.

Which color fade faster in the sunlight?

well red fades the faster

If you dye your blond hair with semi permanent red dye will it wash out completely or fade as a pink?

First it will fade pink but with time it will fade back to blonde but it might take a huge ammount of time

What makes Skittles change colours in pepsi max and why do the red ones stay red?

Because The Red Colour Doesnt Fade (:

Which wavelength in the visible light spectrum gets absorbed the quickest in the ocean?

Red light

What will your sun be when it dies?

It will become a Red Giant and then it will slowly fade away into a new nebula.

What test is used to show that ethene is unsaturated?

Bromine water test is used to show that ethene is unsaturated. In the presence of ethene, the red-brown color of bromine water disappears due to addition reaction with ethene, indicating its unsaturation.