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He doesn't they were best friends

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Q: Why does rey myserio hate Eddie gurerro?
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Is rey myserio in smackdown or raw?

Rey Mysterio is on Smackdown.

How is Rey Myserio's girlfrend?

Jordan Britnell

Who wins dolph ziggler or rey myserio?

rey mysterio because hes better

Who won at night of champions the miz vs Cody Rhodes vs rey mysterio vs sin cara?

rey myserio

Who was the winner of Eddie Guerrero vs rey mysterio?

the winner was rey but then eddie G got reveng on rey and won the match

Who would win rey mysterio or Eddie galario?

rey mysterio

Is Eddie Guerrero Rey Mysterio's Uncle?

No they were friends after Eddie passed away Oscar (Rey) kept wrestling in his memory

What was Eddie Guerrero and rey mysterio tag team name?

They never had an actual name. They always went by the name of either Batista & Rey Mysterio, or Rey Mysterio & Batista.

Where you can see rey mysterio taking off his mask when Eddie die?

you can see in youtube ... then put rey mysterio remember Eddie

What are all the WWE finishing MOVES?

cm punk go to sleep,john cena adtitude adjustment,randy orton rko,rey myserio 619,wade barett wasteland

How did the feud between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio end?

Rey won

Did rey mysterio killed Eddie?

no, i did not killed eddie. and i love him, we are team meat