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Why does seal a meal model VS108-8 suck air out of bags only part of the time?


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September 26, 2012 1:39AM

When closed on a bag, the vacuum sealer forms a seal around the top and bottom of the bag. When vacuum is applied, it removes air from the inside of the bag due to the veins molded in the bag. If the bag is wrinkled to where the vacuum sealer cannot seal around the top and the bottom of the bag, it will attempt to vacuum outside air along with air from inside the bag.

This commonly happens when the contents of the bag is too full or the bag is too small for the contents. Overfilling the bag can hinder the sealing surface from laying flat for vacuum to form.

To solve this problem, put less in the bag or make a bigger bag so you can keep the sealing surface as flat as possible while in the vacuum tray and on the sealing tape.