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GENETICS!! And some people just can't control them selves when they see food.

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Q: Why does some people are skinny and some people aren't?
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They arent. Maybe all the parents in the area are blonde and skinny?

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to some people yes, to some people no.

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If you want skinny jeans that aren't too skinny, try the Levis 514s. I've attached a guide to them below.

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Michael Jackson is just skinny because that's his genetics! Some people are just skinny.

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Well, you are who you are. Some people are fat, some people are skinny. Maybe she doesn't eat too much food?

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Genetics. Nothing you can do about it!

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Is it common to become skinny during or after puberty?

Body grows differently for different people. Some get fat while some get skinny. Its normal to get both.

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People that say "People is skinny" are semi-literate people.

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