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Existence of Space

Without "space" we would have no place to "exist".

It can also depend on how you look at it and what you believe in, as many people believe that space, the planets and the whole universe were created by the "Big Bang" while others say that the universe and space were made by God in 7 days.

Perhaps another way to look at it is to say that space doesn't exist at all. Space is nothing in and of itself, rather it is the absence of anything (or everything) else.

Can Space Be Empty
  • The above answer touches base on some very important points, but none hit the nail on the head, nor is it possible for them to. Even "empty space" contains something.
Why space exists

Space exists because it is a part of what we call spacetime. As regards the universe as a whole, space and time are inseparable. They are spacetime. That's why space exists. Spacetime is believed to have been created by the Big Bang. Don't believe in the Big Bang? Dream up your own mechanism for how things began. But it really doesn't matter. There is no doubt that spacetime is here now. We live in it, and everything we see exists in it.

"The reason for space is to keep the planets,stars and satellites floating around."

Simplest Answer:

No one knows why space exists.

Simply put, it exists so that you can ask this question!

There is not a reason:

There is no reason why space exists, nor will science supply one. Science is searching the HOW, not the WHY of the universe, and studying the things it contains.

There is a valid reason

There is a valid reason for the existence of space and time and the everlasting change of energy in so many forms. The very question, 'Why does space exist' is raised by the one who is solely responsible for this existence. We may name that one in so many ways in so many languages or at our ease. One such is consciousness.

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Q: Why does space exist?
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