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Why does the CD player eject CD's without playing them?

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Most CD players will eject a CD because it is not capable of reading the disc. Discs such ad CD RWs or even DVDs are note readable in a CD player.

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How do you remove CDs from 2006 Toyota Carolla CD player?

press the eject button

How do you eject a CD from a MacBook Pro?

To eject a CD you can press the Eject button (top right corner of the keyboard), or right click on the CDs icon and select Eject from the menu, or drag the CDs icon into the Trash icon on the dock, or open a Finder window and click on the eject symbol next to the CDs listed in the left hand pane, or open iTunes and click on the eject symbol next to the CDs name.

Your car CD player keeps ejecting cds without playing them?

One reason that your CD player keeps ejecting your CDs without playing them is that is needs to be cleaned. Use a cleaning disc to clean the player. It could be the CD lens is dirty or scratched, which often means you need a new player.

Why does Blazer CD player keep ejecting disc?

Sometimes CD players will reject burned CDs. Also, most of them will eject CDs that are dirty or have scratches on them. Car CD players will also act up if there is a short in the wiring.

How do you get CD out of a Mazda tribute multi CD player?

I have a 2001 MAZDA tRIBUTE WITH A FACTORY 6 DISK CD CHANGER. Can't get cds to load or eject. Radio and cassteet player work fine.

How to remove two different CDs from a CD player in a car?

You can remove the CDs by ejecting the CDs from the CD player in the car.

Why would you have to eject and reinsert the CDs in an Audiovox CD changer many times before it operates?

you may have dust or dirt on the lens of the CD player. This could make it have difficulty recognizing a disk

Remove a stuck CD in a Toyota Highlander?

How do i remove a stuck Cd from my 2005 Toyota Highlander? The CDs will not eject.

If you have 12 cds and choose 4 to play one evening How many orders of cds are possible for playing the 4 cds?


How do you eject the CDs from the CD player?

take a large hammer and set your cd player's time back 3 hours. then, my hopping on one foot with your magical pixie wand, lick the hammer and take the cd with your wand. it will come out.

What type of cds can acura tl CD player play?

Only original CDs

How do you load cds in Jeep Grand Cherokee stock radio?

for the front, just slide it in the slot, for the changer, press the eject buttong and the CD holder ("cassette") will come out. Put the cds in the cassette and put the cassette back in the changer

How do you get cds on cde?

u can get cds by playing dolls, completing surveys and selling ur item. And there are no cheats

How do you manually eject cds from a Saab 9-3?

I have a 2006 9.3t and I am able to turn the key on, push the desired CD button and it comes out.

Your Bose 6 CD player in your Acura MDX will not eject the CD's how do you get them out?

When this happened to me, the MDX gave me a "ErE1" error message (or something close to that). Your next step is to "reboot" the car by leaving the positive battery terminal disconnected for a minute. But you must have your 5 digit security code to make the player work after the power off. One time this fix worked for a few weeks. Then the player failed again, so we are going to replace the player. But with several reboots I was able to eject the CDs that were eaten by the old player. I needed narrow tweezers for one retrieval.

Why are cds round?

to fit in a CD player

What does the CD player do?

It plays music CDs

What type of CD do you use for playing music on a CD player?

There are two main types of CDs to use for a CD burning process: audio CD and Data CD. Audio CDs can play anywhere while a Data CD can play on a computer but may not play on a standalone CD player.

Can a CD player play burned cds?

most of the newer CD players can play burnt cds

How do you get Phillips CD changer to play MP3 CD?

Unless the player / stereo explicitly says otherwise, it is probably only capable of playing regular audio CDs, not MP3 CDs. There not really anything you can do to change this, except replace the equipment.

What is the difference between a portable cd player and a portable dvd player?

A portable cd player will only play cds. A portable dvd player will play dvds, as well as cds. A dvd player is mostly different in that it will play movies.

Why is the CD player needed?

To play CDs you idiot!

Can you listen to music on CDs?

If you have a CD player, sure.

What device play in DVD player?

CDs and DVDs.

Why can't you play CD's from Europe in a US CD player?

You can play CDs from Europe in a US player and CDs from the US in a Europe player. It's DVDs that don't work due to region codes.