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Why does the Earth slant?

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the earth is slant because the sun is on it left side up and the moon is on it right side down and if it is not slant we won't have the normal circulation of the earth.

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Are all globes of earth set on a slant?


What is the earths slant called?

Earth is tilted from it axis

What is slant range in satellite communication?

Slant range is the LOS (line of site ) distance between the earth station and the satellite and it is very important in satellite link calculation .For instance to calculate the pathloss slant range would be used.Furthermore slant range is a means to describe the satellite location above the surface of the earth.

What season does the sun strike the earth with the greatest slant?


Occurs when internal forces in the earth slant rock layers?


What is it called when intermal forces in the earth slant earths layers without folding them?


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Why do you need to FIND the slant height if you have the [lateral height and] slant height?

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slant hemming

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A slant is something that is in the sloping position. An example of a slant is a wheelchair ramp that leads into a house.

What is the name for the slant of a line on a graph?

It's called the slant.It's called the slant.It's called the slant.It can also be called the gradient or slope.

What parts of the earth are there the greatest changes in seasons because of the slant of the sun's rays?

in the north and south pole

What are interesting science research projects?

Why is the Earth on a slant and where did the moon come from? (2000 words/1000 words)

Name for a slant of a line on a graph?

Its called the slant, and most people say the line segment, but i stick to the slant.

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Toed - to toe in, hammer a nail in on a slant.

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The slope is the slant of a line

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What is slant edge of a cone?

slant edge is a height of a cone

How is the slant of the rays related to the seasons?

The slant rays relate to the seasons because the direct rays shine right on a spot and that makes summer. But as the earth tilts the rays are not as strong and not as bright so if its not a direct its slanted which gives it different seasons.!!

Why is it true that when the sun is closer to the earth that the northern hemisphere is in winter?

Yes, the sun is slightly closer to the earth in the winter. It is colder because the slant of the earth's axis is away from the sun.

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