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Q: Why does the air ride system stay pumped up and will not come down?
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What type of ride is air ride?

There are 4 bags on each wheel that have air pumped into them by an onboard compressor to keep the car up and level, you get a softer ride.

In Maximum Ride does fang come back?

Fang is going to come back in "Angel" when he needs Max's help to take down the Doomsday Group.

What is the name of the song come on take a free ride come on take me by your side?

Free Ride

When does the movie ride along come out on red box?

when death movie ride along come out

You go up but at the same time you go down you are present tense and past tense come for a ride?

A see saw.

When will Maximum Ride come out?

if you mean maximum ride book 8...yes. it will come out in August 2012.

When will the Maximum Ride movie come out?

The Maximum Ride movie should come out January 1, 2013.

Sit on to ride down a hill?

If there is snow on the hill a sled or toboggan can be used to ride down a hill.

What is an air ride?

An air ride is a smooth ride in a vehicle resulting from an active pneumatic suspension system, rather than springs or a hydraulic system.

Will pimp your ride 3 come out for ps2?

No only Pimp my Ride

What is the most common problem with the air ride system in the linclon markvlll mine is down front and back?

bad air bags

What is ride down effect?

During a car frontal collision, some part of the occupant's kinetic energy is transferred to the vehicle through the restraint system. The high ratio of the transferred energy has the advantage of protecting the occupant. This phenomenon is called “ride down effect”.

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