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Find a volt meter, check the battery voltage with the engine stopped, it should be a around 12 V. Now start the engine and the voltage should be around 13.5 V. If the alternator isn't putting out about 13.5 (+/- .5 V) the replacment alternator could be bad or you might have a bad connection somewhere.

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2005-10-11 14:46:33
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Q: Why does the battery light stay on even after the alternator has replaced?
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Battery light is on even you change the alternator. is any reason there while the battery is new?

The battery has a temperature sensor. If it was left unplugged, the battery light will still be on

Why does the battery light on a 2002 Civic LX come on when started goes out at exactly 4000RPMs and then will come back on at 2500 RPM even after the battery was replaced?

This is not a battery problem. Your charging system, the alternator, is not putting out enough juice to charge the battery until you reach 4000 rpm. Have the alternator and charging system checked.

Why does the battery light glow red even after having a new battery and alternator on a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant?

Go to auto zone and have the alternator checked out. even a new one can be bad.

Why would the battery light come on a 2003 Ford Taurus even after the battery alternator and starter have been replaced?

you may need to go to your local shop and if they are equiped with one get them to attach there scanner to the vehicle and clear the codes for you.

Can someone tell me why the battery keeps dying even though i have replaced the alternator?

Is it new? if it is it's not the battery. If it's really old your battery most likely is leaking.

Why does a battery light stay on even with a new battery and good alternator?

What is the chrage when the vehicle is on? It should be around 15-15.5v

What does it mean if your car battery stays on even after you have replaced it?

The most probable cause is a bad connection somewhere in the alternator > battery circuit. Check if the alternator is operational. Clean all contacts with a steel brush.

Why does the battery light keep coming on your 1995 Pontiac sunfire even though the battery is new?

It could be your alternator is going bad

What does it mean if your car battery light stays on even after you replaced it?

means your battery isn't being charged by the alternator. What originally seemed like a flat battery being the problem, would more than likely be the alternator at fault, which will drain the battery, not keep it charging on the move, hence, battery light displayed on your dash. Before jumping to the spares shop, check all the connecting wiring between these components, in case of any loose connections

Why wont a 1998 Kia Sephia hold a charge even though Ive replaced the alternator and the battery?

does the kia have a remote voltage regulator

Why would the battery light on a Clio 1.2l always flash even though when it was serviced there was nothing wrong with it?

on my old 1.2 clio the battery light came on as there was fault with the alternator and it needed replacing. As far as i know the battery light comes on when the battery is not charging or there is a fault with the battery.

What should i do with 2000 ford ranger xlt after changing battery and alternator and still no effect to charging system. Idiot light doesn't even come on and alternator wont charge battery.?

Check fusable links

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