Why does the blood of a chicken becomes black when it is not in the body of the chicken?

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It is the same reason a person's blood turns black when it is on the outside of the body. When blood cells are exposed to the air, they become deoxygenated, dry up and turn dark.
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What are chickens?

Chickens are a domesticated bird that are raised for meat and eggs.They are often kept by individuals at home for the same reasons.

What is a chicken?

A chicken is a bird that is commonly raised on a farm. They come in both a large (standard) and small size (bantam). They lay eggs and are probably the number one source of common nutrition to humans on earth..

What part of the egg becomes the chicken?

The germinal disc . The egg is really just a single cell, until it is fertilized. The blastodisc (white spot on top of the yolk) is what will become part of the fetus when fertilized with sperm. Then the fetus feeds off the yolk to continue developing.

How does a chicken egg become fertilized?

A chicken egg becomes fertilized inside the female chicken's body while she is making the egg. Sperm from the rooster who has mated her in the past couple weeks is stored in her reproductive system and added to her eggs as they are made. Thus fertilization is an internal process. It's impossible ( Full Answer )

How does an egg become a chicken?

An egg must incubate for three weeks, 21 days, in order to become achicken. During that time the embryo inside develops into a chickenin much the same way that a baby grows inside its mother's womb.The difference with a chicken is that everything the chick needs isincluded inside the egg. It absorbs ( Full Answer )

How do you become a grower for cagle's chicken?

Cagles is a large company with diverse interests in the poultry industry. Many of the growers are Partners. Corporate headquarters is in Atlanta Georgia Here is a link to the website

Where is the chicken?

In the barnyard,in the chicken coop, on the fence across the road and in the haystack looking for spiders.

Where is chicken from?

The wild chicken or Gallus Gallus originated in the jungles of Asia and northern India. Gallus Domesticus is said to have originated from the Red Jungle Fowl and possibly the Gray Jungle Fowl.

Why does my chicken have black spots on its comb?

There are several things that can cause black spots on combs: frostbite, mites, chickens pecking at each other or two different forms of Avian Pox. Google Avian Pox or Fowl Pox to see if that's the trouble--if it is, you just have to wait and see and vaccinate all new chicks/birds.

Where are the blood vessels in a chicken leg?

The blood vessels in a chicken leg are found on the back of the chicken skin, really easy to tell when the chicken is raw. They are thin, small red lines all over the skin.

Why would droppings from a chicken be black?

It could be an upper GI bleed. Take your chicken to the vet quickly. You may need to use the emergency vet. It costs more, but in the meantime you may try some TUMS....or prilosec, in jello. Not the red kind!, it may alter the stool test. Good luck, may god be with you and your chicken. It could be ( Full Answer )

Why is chicken bones black?

When you cook them, that is color the bone marrow becomes. Improved answer - The above post is true, but doesn't anwer the question. The reason behind that is because the BLOOD trapped inside the bone and bone marrow lose the oxygen they carry when cooked. A common comparison would be, what color ( Full Answer )

What kind of chicken is small and black?

There are many breeds of small black chicken. Almost 60% of all breeds of chicken are available in black. Very small and black could be a bantam breed of some kind. See related links below for hendersons breed chart

A ------------ of chicken?

If you want to ask what a group of chickens is called then the answer is a flock.

What are the little black bugs on chickens?

Most likely fleas. Hens get fleas and should be given an area with sand and gravel to take a "bath" in. There are plenty of flea powders available to add to the sand /bath area which will help kill off the fleas and not harm the chickens. Additionally, the chicken coop and roosting areas should be t ( Full Answer )

Where do you get chickens?

At your local hatchery or breeder, search them up on the net. i love chickens. GOOD LUCK :-)

Why do chicken have black and white meat?

It has to do with how the body part is used. I believe chicken dark meat is associated with body parts requiring a lot of muscle (e.g., wing, leg).

How does a chicken become pregnant?

It doesn't. It just lays eggs!! Has sex with a boy chicken (a rooster). Chickens do not get pregnant. Chickens lay an egg whether or not there is a rooster involved and embryo formation happens in an egg shell outside of the body of the hen. As for fertilization, the rooster mounts a chicken a ( Full Answer )

Will black bears kill chickens?

Yes. Black bears will kill wild turkeys or chickens if they catch them, but they usually do not since wild chickens can fly.

How do you get chicken?

you get eggs by just hens but in order to get a chick you need a rooster to breed with a hen. then when it lays an egg it might be fertile. It takes about 21 days until the chick actually hatches.

How for a chicken to become full grown?

While chickens mature quickly and can be sexually active and laying eggs by about 6 to 8 months old a chicken younger than 1 year is still concidered immature. Female chickens until they are one year old are called pullets while the male is called a cockerel.

Can a chicken be black?

Yes a chicken can have black feathers. Silkies (Breed of chicken) have black skin and bones.

If you believe you are a chicken can you become one?

If you mean, "can you physically change your form to chicken through thought?" then no. You may be able to mentally trick yourself into actually believing (without a doubt) that you are a chicken.

What are chickens for?

Chickens are used for egg production and for meat. Some chickens are also used as pets.

Where do you get chicken from?

Give you're local hardware store a call and ask them if they carry chickens, most hardware stores sell chicks at a certain time, if not, some online stores sell them and send them to a seers or Atwood's.

How does an egg change to become a chicken?

An egg changes to a chicken step by step. First, the hen (female chicken) lays the egg. Then, she sits on them to keep them warm while the chick (baby chicken) stars forming inside the egg. After a certain amount of days, the egg starts hatching and a chick is born. Then, slowly, just like humans, t ( Full Answer )

Treatment for chickens that has a head becoming black?

I can only assume you mean the comb of your chicken is turning black and that would either be a trauma injury or the result of frostbite. Either way this is not great news but you can use a petroleum jelly like Vaseline on the comb to keep it moisturized. Comb and wattle injuries are not uncommon an ( Full Answer )

What does chicken do for your body?

Chicken has certain good vitamins and nutrients and etc for your body to use in order to turn the food into usable energy. This part is irrelevant, but if you want a healthy choice for chicken, get cooked chicken.

How do you keep blood from coming out the chicken?

well according to my calculations, you could take it to hospital or squeeze the blood so more comes out then it will eventually seel the hole but i mostly just grab a pencil stick it up the chickens bum and the pencil blocks the blood from coming out, its wonderful try it sometime children

Will minks suck blood from chickens?

Both minks and weasels are known to sucks the blood from chickens.They will also eat the insides, but leave much of the meat.

If you strangle a chicken where does its blood go?

After a chicken is strangled, the head is removed and the chicken hung upside down to drain the blood. The usual method of killing a chicken is by cutting the artery in the neck or slicing the head off, not by strangling.

How can you do chicken?

The way to do the chicken is to go to China and find a plant called the chickster and bring it to the US and plant it anywhere in Washington and wait three seconds do the chicken dance and the plant will grow and baby chickens will start to appear.

Do chickens have blood?

Funnily enough no they don't. (If you believe they do then don't hesitate to apologize to Sophie Draper.

Do black Hebrews eat chicken?

All Jews eat chicken unless one or more of the following situations occurs: . They are allergic . They are vegetarian . They don't like chicken . They keep kosher and the chicken offered isn't fit for use . They have a personal traumatic experience that prevents them from eating chicken

How do you remove chicken wing blood?

Well if the chicken is uncooked put it in some water let the blood wash away in the water. Also, if it's cooked and there's still blood in the bones then,that mean's it's not fully cooked and need's to be cooked some more.

How do you get black chicken on tinyfarm?

In the game Tiny Farm you get the black chicken by purchasing it.This chicken costs 600 gold and is available when you are leveledup.

How does blood circulate in the chicken?

Chickens have circulatory systems that include a heart and blood vessels of various sizes, much like other animals. The heart pumps the blood, and it circulates through blood vessels.

How does fresh chicken become unfresh?

Bacteria is in the air and on the chicken's skin. When the chicken is alive, it produces substances that keeps the bacteria under control. When the chicken dies or is killed, nothing keeps the bacteria from multiplying. As a result, when chicken are killed and the feathers are removed, they are ref ( Full Answer )

Do bats like chicken blood?

Most bats do not drink blood. The only bats that do are the three species of vampire bats. Two of these do drink bird blood, and would probably enjoy chicken blood.

What is the blood in a chicken egg?

A little red-brown spot you might notice in the egg is the sperm from the rooster having "fertilized" the egg and starting the proccess of it becoming a chicken.

What is the normal pH of chicken blood?

I really want to know the answer of this topic too. I thinkblood pH would be neutral, as I've read in wikipedia, the blood pHis within the narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45, but I'm not sure whatthe chicken blood pH is. Now, I'm doing research about chickenblood pudding properties in vary conditions of s ( Full Answer )

Will chickens become extinct?

They will not become extinct any time soon. The worldwidepopularity of chicken as food has ensured their survival. In fact,there are probably more chickens alive now than there have everbeen.

Is chicken cold blooded?

Nope. Chickens are definitely warm blooded. In winter, they scratch around in the snow quite comfortably as their bodies are able to maintain normal temps in spite of weather conditions, not because of it.