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Not all churches discount the scientific explanations, finding no conflict between the scientific thoughts and the religious beliefs.

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What are the scientific theory about the origin of the universe?

The Big Bang is the cosmological model of the initial conditions and subsequent development of the Universe that is supported by the most comprehensive and accurate explanations from current scientific evidence and observation.

Scientific origin of the Philippines?

There are three scientific explanations of the origin of the Philippines. But the most recognized theory explains that the Philippines was originally part of the Asian continent connected by land bridges covered with ice. When these land bridges melted, the Philippines got disconnected from mainland Asia and was moved further away.

How did the greek myths start?

Oral explanations to nature and origin.

What is the scientific theory for the origin of man?

The scientific theory explaining the origin of modern man is evolutionary theory.

What are three scientific explanations for the origin of life?

There are currently no comprehensive scientific explanatory frameworks for the origin of life. But, even though famous evolutionist Richard Dawkins in his recent book 'The Greatest Show on Earth', in which he sets out the evidence for evolution, admits that the origin of life is a 'mystery', the reality is that much headway has been made in the field of abiogenesis, and that many of the key steps in the emergence of Earth life are now, at least partially, understood.

The name of the theory for the origin of the Philippines?

Scientific TheoryMythical OriginBiblical Origin

What are the 2 general explanations on the origin of man?

Well either you believe in Creation or you believe in Evolution.

What is the origin of the word parky?

It is an informal British word referring to cold weather, the origin of the word is not certain although there a a few explanations with little substance

Who is the origin of the Catholic Church?

.Roman Catholic AnswerGod, Our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the origin of the Catholic Church.

What is the origin of the word accept?

The word "accept" comes from the Latin participle "acceptum" from the verb "accipere", meaning to get, receive, accept.

What is origin of dressed to the nines?

There are a few explanations for this phrase, but only theories as the origin in unknown. An example is that 9, being the highest single digit, symbolizes the best

Geology is the scientific study of?

The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth.

What are the scientific myths on the origin of the Philippine?


What is the origin of the surname Kirkwood?

The origin of the surname Kirkwood is Scottish. It is a place name from any of several places named as being a wood belonging to the Church or situated by a church. (Kirk- means church.)

How is the assembly of god church different from the foursquare church?

The main differences are the foursquare church had its origin in California whereas assembly of God had its origin in Midwest. The other difference is that AOG states in their doctrines.

What is the origin of the wedding ring?

The ring in marriage are of pagan origin, and sanctified by it's adoption into the church.

Critique two scientific models that explain the origin of life?

One scientific model is PSM which theories that the origin of life began from molecules found in the ocean. Another scientific model for the origin of life is BM which believes chemicals surfaced on top of the water. Both theories are hard to prove.

How is scientific data used as evidence to develop scientific theories to describe the origin of the universe?

by falling in a hole

Where did VIII build the church of England church?

Henry the Eighth defied the Pope of the time and made himself head of the Church in England. This is the origin of the Church of England.

What is the scientific theory of creation?

The Big Bang theory is the current scientific theory used to explain the origin of the universe.

Although there is scientific evidence and many scientific theories about the origin of the universe how it all happened remains a question?


Origin of the Baptist church?

1609, founded by John Smyth

What is the origin of the Protestant church?

England. king Henry the 8th allowed Divorce in the church, over riding the rule of the Catholic Church and the Pope.

What is the origin of the First United Methodist Church?

The origin of the First United Methodist Church was founded by two men, John and Charles Wesley during the 19th century. They broke away from the teachings of Martin Luther, who founded the Lutheran Church.

Give four function for scientific names?

culture language origin