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Why does the cold line sweat?

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The cold-water pipe chills the air immediately surrounding it. The cold air cannot support the same amount of moisture that warm air can, so the water vapor condenses out and sticks to the pipe.

2006-08-23 03:12:31
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How do you sweat out a cold?

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Why do you sometimes wakeup in cold sweat?

I wake up in a cold sweat with a slight sore throat, what could be the cause?

Why do you sweat even when you're cold?

It is usually because of what you are feeling, or you tend to sweat.

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Does cold water open your skin pores?

No. The pores are the openings of the sweat glands. In heat you sweat and so open the pores. In cold you do the opposite.

Why does a cold glass sweat?

a cold glass "sweats" because the cold inside and the warmth outside

Does a horses sweat more when the horses get cold?


Can cold-blooded animals sweat?

Cold Blooded animals are unable to sweat and typically do not pant. They usually cool in water, shade or the ground.

Why do you get cold after you exercise?

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How do you control sweat?

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What is the different between hot and cold climate?

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What is it that cold blooded animals cannot do?

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If you are cold, you shiver if you are hot, you sweat

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What does sweat glands do?

The sweat glands produce sweat to stop you over heating the sweat is released through tiny holes in your skin called pores. The sweat makes you to lose your weight, but the bad thing it forms a pimple. The liquid that comes out from your body when you exercise is an water for about an 3o minute but after that the real stinky smelly sweat comes out of your body to make you warm, but if you get in the cold place you might get a cold.John Lee

Why doesn't a cup of coffee sweat?

'Sweat' on a cup is caused by condensation of moisture on the air on a cold surface. Cold causes the air to lose its ability to hold as much moisture. Since coffee is hot, it is increasing the ability of the air to hold moisture. You will only get the sweat on a cold drink. And the air in your house in winter is very dry, so there is not much to condense on cold items.

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Why does the large line need to be insulated and not exposed?

Because during the cooling cycle, it get's very cold. When it comes in contact with warm air it condenses. This causes it to sweat like a cold drink on your patio in the summer. This reduces efficiency of the system

Why a glass filled with a cold beverage seems to sweat?

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How is sweat forming on a glass of ice water?

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Why do you get cold and clammy when you sweat?

sudden temperature change cause Stroke