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Sticking door ajar switch ( mounted on the backside of the door latches inside the doors) or something not closed properly. To fix this, spray some WD 40 into the door latch assemblies, (all of them, including the rear hatch) and operate the doors a few times to free up the sensors.

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Q: Why does the door ajar light stay on in your 2002 explorer?
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Why would the door ajar light on a 2002 Kia Sportage stay on when there is no door ajar?

On my 2002 sportage 2-door, the door ajar light stays on when the tailgate is not locked. with the key.

How do you replace the door open warning relay on your 2002 ford explorer?

If the door ajar light is coming on in your gauge cluster, and the warning chime is sounding when all your doors, liftgate, and glass hatch are securely shut you most likely have a sticking door ajar switch. The door ajar switches are inside the doors mounted on the latch mechanisms.

What is wrong 1998 when my Ford explorer interior lights blink?

Is door ajar light on also?

How do you fix a 1995 ford explorer door ajar light that stays on?

check the sensor on the door, its probably bad

How do you fix the door ajar light on a 2002 mercury mountaineer?

spray your door latches with wd40.

2002 explorer the alarm door ajar and the check gage are going off with out reason?

this problem is related to the door ajar switch which is connected to the latch. spray wd-40 into the latch and it should go away.

How do you fix a 2002 Ford Expedition door ajar light that will not go out even when door is closed?

If your interior light is also on, replace the door switch.

Why does the door ajar light stays on even when all the doors are close on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

bad door ajar switch inside one of the doors its in the striker assy

Door ajar relay 2002 explorer Why is the door ajar light on and all doors are closed.?

i literally just had the same issue with my 203 explorer, followed the advice given on numerous forums and WD-40'd the hell out of each of the latching mechanisms and it seems just fine lights in lincoln navigator wont go out when I close the doors

2002 Ford Explorer door ajar?

I have a 2003 Explorer and I had the same problem- it also kept my dome lights on. I found a few wires in the door jam broken, once I spliced it back together the light went off and another broken wired controlled the remote mirrors fixed that one while I was at it also

2002 Mercury Mountaineer door ajar alarm while driving?

I've had that happen in my 2002 mountaineer. what I've found is that if you spray the door latches with wd40 it will clean off the sensors and the door ajar light should go out. but make sure all the doors are shut.

Bulb number on a 2002 Ford Explorer fog light?

A 2002 Ford Explorer ( 4 door ) takes bulb # 9145 in the fog light according to the owners manual

How do you switch off the door ajar signal on the dash board of 98 Ford Explorer when all doors closed?

98 ford explorer xlt dash light stays off y the switch is on

Why does the door ajar light stay on when you step on the brakes?

some how the tail light wire is touching the ajar wire

Door ajar light on dash is on after all doors are closed?

Possible faulty door switch.Try contact cleaner or light grade of lubricant on the switch. Push it i nby hand and see if door ajar light goes out.

1998 ford ranger door ajar light stays on?

Try spraying WD-40 on the door latch, the part that is on the door itself. The door ajar switch is located in with the latch. Had the same problem, door ajar light on, interior light stays on, and horns toots twice when you lock with remote, to signal door is not closed. Door was shut but truck didn't know it, WD40 fixed it.

How do you fix a 'door ajar' light on a Chevy Impala?

Fix a "door ajar" on Chevy Impala 2003 . Still on doors closed.

Door ajar light stays on?

If the door is ajar and light stays on, spray some WD40 into the latch. The door switch is probably stuck. Spray all doors then open and close a few times.

Door Ajar Sensor 2002 Neon Where it located?

Neon door sensor is located in the door latch. The closed door creates a complete circuit through a ground wire. The completed circuit shuts the light off.

Where is the door sensor on a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country?

The door ajar switch is part of the door latch.

Where is fuse for door ajar on 2002 jetta?

i...i dont know. do you?

Why does the door ajar light stay on in a Mercury Mountaineer?

The door ajar light might stay on in a Mercury Mountaineer if a door is not shut properly. Sometimes a door will seem like it is shut, but will not be shut enough to trip the light off. Check for dirt or other debris in the door latch for all doors.

What is a Door Ajar light mean on your dashboard?

a door in your car is not fully shut.

How do get door open light to shut off on your Ford F250SD?

the door ajar light is staying on all the time

What fuse in a 2003 KIA spectra turns off the door ajar light?

The Door ajar light is not run by a specific fuse. If your 2003 Kia Spectra has a door light keep coming on, you will want to check the connections to make sure that all of the doors are completely closed.