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This is a result of continental drift, which moved the continents apart.

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Q: Why does the earth not look like Pangaea now?
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What did pangaea look like when it was broken up?

a bit like the continents now just closer and twisted

What is the difference between earth now and when it was Pangaea?

Earth iS More Put Together Now Then iT Was Earlier iN Life && The Continent Aren't Like They Were Back Then They Expanded Over The Years

What does Pangaea looks like now?

all of the continents broke apart

What did Pangaea look like?

Pangaea is believed to have been a supercontinent that included all of the continents we know today in one giant landmass. A web address where an approximate picture of what Pangaea may have looked like can be found at the related link below. The "map" located at this link includes the countries as they are now, in order to show the original makeup of the continents.

What caused breakup of Pangaea?

The earth is broken up into plates. Even when the world was called Pangaea, there were still plates. The plates begin to move, however, only about 1 cm a year. This is why we now have continents. Scientists predict that a few 100 years from now, the world will look even more different. If you type in the earths tech tonic plates into wikipedia, it might help you a little more than i did.

What will the earth look like in 2089?

Except for shrinking ice caps, much the same as now.

All continents were once connected as one large landmass are now called?


Did mars used to look like Earth?

yes, Mars did look like the earth. It had liquid water on it. It does not look like earth anymore because the core of the planet cooled down and when that happened it lost its magnate field. The core cooled down faster than earth because mars is small the earth. The earth and mars will die the same way.

How do you use pangaea in a sentence?

Pangaea was all the continents together but with the eruptions there is now 7 continents. Pangaea is only 1 continent but now it is extinct.The Pangea Supercontinent existed millions of years ago.

Why do the continents look the way they do today?

My opinion on this question is that its probably a pattern on earth. Maybe in millions of years the earth would look like pangea, then eventually back to how it is now and repeating.

What does the equilateral look like?

The Equilateral looks like a line that splits the earth but doesn't. It's hot and you can not see it. Do you know what it is now?

The theory of pangaea?

The theory of Pangaea was that once the world was a single land mass and then they separated into what we now call, continents.