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The atomic number determines how many protons and electrons an atom has. Flourine's atomic number is 9 so there are 9 protons and electrons. Energy levels of atoms can only hold a maximum number of electrons per enegery level. The first energy level (s) holds 2 electrons. The second level (p) holds a maximum of 8 electrons because s has two and p has 6. So, Flourine's energy levels would be as follows: 1s2, 2s2 2p5 Energy levels need even pairs to be stable, so Flourine tends to gain only one electron because that is all that is needed for 2p5 to be filled to its maximum capacity. It is easier for an atom to gain one electron than give up 5.

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Q: Why does the fluorine atom tend to gain only one extra electron?
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How many electrons will a fluorine atom gain in forming an ion?

gain one electron to form fluoride anion

What is the name of electrons in the outermost shell that an atom can gain lose or share with another atom?

A Fluorine atom has an atomic number of 9. Draw out the electron shell diagram for Fluorine. Is a Fluorine atom more likely to gain, lose or share electrons to fill its valence shell?

Why did the fluorine atom 'want' to gain a valence electron?

this is because a fluorine ion is one electron short of a full valence shell,which makes getting another electron to fill the shell very favourable,filling the shell makes the molecule much more stable

Which has highest electron gain enthalpy between chlorine and fluorine and why?

Even though Fluorine has the highest electronegativity among all the elements and it should have the highest electron gain enthalpy among all the halogens but this is an exception and chlorine has higher electron gain enthalpy than Fluorine. The reason for this is that the size of Fluorine atom is very small and hence there is very high inter-electronic repulsion among the electrons of fluorine. This makes incoming of another electron not very favourable. Even though fluorine has large negative electron gain enthalpy but for chlorine its even more negative.

Why does a chlorine atom gain an electron when it forms an ion?

Atoms that gain extra electrons become negatively charged. A neutral chlorine atom.

What will be the nature of charge on an atom when it looses an electron or gain an electron?

Aluminum, sulfur, fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, and neon

Why does fluorine atom atom tend to gain only one electron?

It has 7 electrons in its valance shell so it needs only 1 electron to form a octet; the Nobel gas configuration.

Which elements have positive electron gain enthalpy?

It should be Fluorine but Chlorine has most EGE value because the F atom has very small sizeas compared to Cl. Addition of extra electron creates higher electron density and thus strong electron - electron repulsion comes into act. So extra electron is not accepted with the same ease as in the case of remaining elements of the group

Why does potassium atom become positively charged and fluorine becomes negatively charged?

Potassium only needs to lose on electron (gain a positive charge) to have the same electron structure as Argon and thus very stable. Similarly, fluorine only needs to gain one electron (become negatively charged) to gain the very stable Neon structure.

Is Fluorine atomic number 9 stable?

No, fluorine gas (F2) is highly reactive and dangerous. Fluorine as an atom is worse, as it is the most electronegative atom in the entire periodic table of elements and thus has a very large tendency to gain one electron to attain stability.

If an atom loses or gains an electron?

Atoms with high electronegativity will want to GAIN electrons. The goal is to be like the noble gases. So an atom of Fluorine, the most electronegative, will want to gain an electron in order to fill its shell and be like Neon.

How many electrons would fluorine have to gain or lose too become stable?

Fluorine has 7 valence electrons. In order to become stable, Florine will share 1 electron with another atom to get 8 electron and become stable.