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failed ign switch

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Where is the relay switch for the air conditioner on a 1991 Toyota Previa?

.....still lookin'

1991 Ford relay starter?

I need how to wire relay for 1991 ford mustang.

Where is headlight relay for 1991 Mercury Capri?

Where is the headlight relay for a 1991 mercury Capri

Why is your Blinkers Not Working on your 1991 Plymouth Sundance?

All Bulbs were replaced. fuses all checked, relay switch new and flasher, Also when the relay switch is in it gets really hot. Any suggestions

If a 1991 Legend LS will crank but not turn over what could be the problem?

I had the same problem with my legend and I replaced the main relay: Started right up!

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1991 Honda Accord?

where is the fuel pump relay for a 1991 Honda accord located

Have a 1991 Toyota 4 runner that will not start have put new fuel pump and new injectors and it still wont start?

Have you replaced the fuel filter? Are you sure the pump is running and the fuse is not blown or the relay is bad. Do you have fire, and do you have fuel pressure to the injectors?

What can make a battery drain on 1991 Honda Accord?

Dead cell in the battery requiring it be replaced or something is on pulling power from the battery. Some light or relay.

Where is the starter relay on a 1991 Nissan pickup?

The starter relay can be found underneath the hood on a 1991 Nissan pickup. The starter relay is beside the battery on the passenger side.

What is the relay located with the fuel pump relay on a 1991 S10 blazer?

That other relay should be the AC compressor relay.

Where is located the turn signal relay in mustang 1991?

I have a mustang 1991 GT I bought like a week ago,,everything work . but the turns signal no,,,i replace already the swich[turn signal] but nothing,,i replace the hazard swich,nothing,,everything have power,,all the fuse too,really I want to know if they use some relay,,,i check already in the fuse box the hazard relay please somebody know what is the problem,,,,thanks

Where does a clutch relay soliniod go in a 1991 b uick skylark goin at?

where does a clutch relay seleniod go in at on a 1991 buick skylark

Where is the air conditioner relay on a 1991 Ford Explorer?

The 1991 Ford Explorer air conditioning relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The air conditioning relay switch will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

1991 Mercury Cougar fuel pump relay location?

Your 1991 Mercury fuel pump relay switch is located on the firewall of the engine compartment. The relay switch will be near the center of the firewall.

Where is the horn relay on a 1991 Honda Accord?

The 1991 Honda Accord horn relay switch can be found mounted to the radiator. The horn relay switch will be on the right hand side of the radiator housing.

Why does your 1991 park ave still have a drain even after you replaced your battery and alternator?

You may need to find a short circuit or a bad relay. Possibly there is moisture somewhere that is jumping a connection. Automotive electrical problems are difficult to track down yourself and expensive to have someone else do it.

How do you fix a horn problem for a 1991 ford escort?

check power to horn - no power to horn -check ground -no power to horn -check relay - no power to relay -check fuse inside car first thing -still no power to relay -check horn button -still no power - possible break in wire

Where is the starter relay for a 1991 dodge dynasty 3.3 liter?

The 1991 Dodge Dynasty starter relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The starter relay switch will be in the third column, third from the top.

When is starter motor relay for 1991 Nissan terrano?

You can find the 1991 Nissan starter motor relay switch in the fuse box. The starter motor relay switch will be in the third column, second from the bottom.

Does a 1991 Firebird have a starter relay?

Yes it does, if it needs to be replaced i suggest going to your local auto parts store and buying one, this will give you an idea of what your looking for. There are two other relays that look exactly like this one and they are all located up against the fire wall. The Starter relay and the Fan relay are located on the drivers side. The Fan relay is the one closer to the fender and the Starter relay farther.

1991 ford bronco Replaced starter and solenoid and it still won't turn over What is next?

Neutral Safety switch. or equivalent.

Where can I find a 1991 eagle talon radiator fan fuse?

Is it a fuse or relay? I have gone to a Mitsubishi dealer for relays. Hope that you can still read the #'s on it.

Where is the brake light relay located in a 1991 Volvo 240?

The 1991 Volvo brake light relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The brake light relay switch will be above the brake pedal.

Diagram for starter relay on 1991 Toyota Previa?

A diagram of a 1991 Toyota starter relay switch can be obtained from most Toyota dealerships. The starter relay diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

Where is the fuel cutoff relay on a 1991 dodge stealth?

The 1991 Dodge Stealth fuel pump cutoff relay switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. You will find the relay switch on the drivers side of the engine compartment.

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