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Why does the grass always look greener on the other side?


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The Grass is Greener on the Other Side Grass looks greener on the other side, because it's the grass that you don't have. The saying points out precisely this aspect of some people's Psychology: that they think that what they want is better than what they have and in many cases they could be wrong.The Grass is not always greener on the other side.

Additional Opinions:

  • The trouble is that wanting something implies that you don't have it. And most people value what they want more than what they have. The only way out is to keep wanting what you have, it means to not get bored of what you have, still using or enjoying what you have.
  • It means that it doesn't matter which kind of skin tone or colour you are like grass.You know how its light green some times ,not always the colour is green it can be dark green or anything so the proper thing is to sayIt doesnt matter if your black or white like Michael Jackson it doesn't matter if your black or white
  • This is true. If you are in a bad situation then you might walk away from it. You might find something else to do like hang out with your friends. Now if you ask me I would rather hang out with my friends than be in an uncomfortable or"non fun". you always want the grass to be ALOT brighter on the other side.

It is an expression that refers to another place, or situation, being better than the one you are in. (or seemingly better)

to break it down:

greener grass, means better grass. The other side, is the side you are not on.

People want what the can't have or in this case, don't have.

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Actually, the expression is "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." It means that something you do not have may look more attractive than what you already have (the grass on YOUR side of the fence)

You have the quote wrong. It's the grass is always greener on the other side. It means things always look better than the situation you are in.

"The grass is always greener on the other side" is an expression that means that the lives of the people around us always look better than our own. The expression is said to come from the 1500s when Erasmus said something to the effect of "the corn being fuller on the other side of the fence. "

No, it is a saying. It means that things always look better to you when you can't have them, and is a reminder for you to be satisfied with what you have instead of longing for something you don't have.

We look at other people's lives and think that they are always 'doing better than we are'. Other peoples circumstances always seen to be more desirable than one's own

It may look better on the other side, but looks can be deceiving.

Assuming this is a serious scientific question... It's greener because you're seeing it at a shallower angle. That effectively means you see more grass and less dirt than when you look straight down at the grass on your side.

Yes, a theme is a lesson. More specific themes about wisdom are, "look before you leap" "experience is the best teacher" "never give up" " the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" etc.

Plants look greener after rain because rain is washing all the dust on the leaves

This could also be Katy Perry's California Gurls Well there are two songs - one is Petula Clark's "(The Other Man's) Grass Is Always Greener" and the last lyric set is another song with a similar title by Craig Agans. Here they are, in that order... Life is never what it seems, we're always searching in our dreams To find that little castle in the air When worry starts to cloud the mind, it's hard to leave it all behind And just pretend you haven't got a care There's someone else in your imagination You wish that you were standing in their shoes You'd change your life without much hesitation But would you if you really had to choose? So, don't look around, get your feet on the ground It's much better by far to be just who your are The other man's grass is always greener The sun shines brighter on the other side The other man's grass is always greener Some are lucky, some are not Just be thankful for what you've got Many times it seems to me there's someone else I'd rather be I'm living in a world of make-believe I'd stay in bed till nearly three with nothing there to worry me It'd seem to be the life I might achieve But deep inside I know I'm really lucky With happiness I've never known before And just as long as you are there beside me I know that I could ask for nothing more And living can start with the love in your heart So with you all the time, all the treasures I long for are mine The other man's grass is always greener The sun shines brighter on the other side The other man's grass is always greener Some are lucky, some are not But I'm so thankful for what I've got Yes, the other man's grass is always greener The sun shines brighter on the other side The other man's grass is always greener Some are lucky, some are not But I'm so thankful for what I've got Don'tcha know it now? ************* (Craig Agans song) "Caught in numbers, steel machines, face flat on cold desk Errors, systems, directions, could I really care less? Aside from all these trucks and cars, and vacant spiral stares Are visions of infinity from people who don't care.. These schedules clocks, and stopwatches, and plastic bank accounts It sends a shiver up my spine, and fills my mind with doubts Because anything is only big relative to it's size And there is something else that's hidden, you will soon realize.. The wishful thinker terrifies the man behind the mask For it is he, authority, who will be taken to task Despite his preachings and noble words he has a dark side too And video cameras will keep him pent up in his personal zoo.. Fierce crusaders fighting battles lost long ago Tripping over old truths that they can't see any more Battling warlords left and right, they know will always win Feeling that if they weren't to do so, it would be a sin.." then Petula Clark did a song called soccer field? i think

Swallow your pride, admit your mistake to your ex and tell them EXACTLY how you feel and what you just said, open yourself up, and hope they can look past your mistake and take you back. That is, if you want to be with your ex still. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.

look for the wet spots. where the grass is greener is usaully a clue. fittings that night be leaking or hole in liner.

It is natural to look at others. If it is just a visual "thing" don't worry about it especially if you are happy with your current boyfriend. Now if you are wanting to be with this other person it is not fair to lead your boyfriend on - it would be better to cut him loose. But always remember the grass isn't always greener - and usually you can't go back especially if you've left someone for someone else. Be sure of your decision.

Grass! "What did one blade of grass say to the other? Look out, a rabbit, we are in danger!". -Watership Down

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You could purchase and wear green contact lenses.

Similar to the maple leaf symbol of Canada but greener.

the grass is already there. the weeds look like grass

Nothing is wrong with the horse. If you look at spots where dogs and other animals pee on the grass, the grass dies there too. If your seriously worried you can call a vet.

Hello, does he seem to show any interest anymore? Has anyone you know mutually told you he may still like you? Look for the clues that indicated the first time you dated! If you dumped him why do you care if he likes you, was the grass not greener on the other side ... one word, playa

It reflects green light and absorbs the other visible wavelengths.

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