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Why does the heating and cooling system put hot air on one side and cool on the other when it's on vent?

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Cool breezes at night caused by differences in heating and cooling rates of land and water?

'land breeze's' are cool breezes at night caused by differences in heating and cooling rates of land and water

Is it easier to heat and cool round buildings?

Haeting and cooling round buildings depends on the system and how it performs. Heating and cooling systems are not any easier to install in round buildings but are able to keep the environment cool or warm.

How many ways can you think of in which electricity is used to cool objects or people?

electricity could be used to power; a refrigerator unit to cool fluids and foods, a cooling fan which circulates air to create a cooling - effect, a pump system which pumps water within a cooling system to reduce the heating effect of the objects.

What is a CPU cooling fan?

it stops your computer from over heating Answer. Its a computer hardware device.Which work with heat sink.both try to make system cool.

Geothermal heating cooling?

Geothermal Technology can heat AND cool your home. Because the Earth is at a constant temperature of 72 degrees it is warm enough to warm your home and cool enough to cool your home. To learn more about Geothermal Heating and Cooling visit http://geothermalcontractor.info

Are there any heating blankets that also cool?

No blankets on the market currently have a cooling feature on them.

Does gas change into a liquid by cooling and then heating?

i am pretty sure it is cooling then heating because once it cool the heat willl make it into a liquid. - dont trust this answer. -double check with your friends or parents.

How to add cooling system to modem to cool CPU?

There are various ways to add cooling system to modem to cool CPU. The easiest way is to buy an internal or external fan which you will use to cool the CPU.

Is geo thermal heating the greenest way to heat and cool a house?

There was, in fact, an EPA study that was done that concluded that geothermal heating and cooling is in fact the greenest way to heat and cool a house.

What type of cooling system do PC use?

PC's nowadays use one main cooling system: the fan. The fan cools down the hard drive, but there are other systems of cooling, too. A new computer produced by HP has a liquid cooling system, where the hard drive is submerged in a certain liquid to cool down the system.

What s a geothermal system?

It is a heating and cooling system that uses the grounds natural temperature of approximately 50 degrees to either cool or heat a home through a series of pipes that run through the ground. You will also need a pump, a compressor and a distribution fan to move the coolant and water through the loops of pipe to maintain a comfortable temperature in the structure .The system is powered by an electrically-powered water source heat pump that converts the natural resources of the earth into an efficient heating and cooling system for your home. They are safe, earth friendly economical and efficient heating and cooling systems.

Why is cooling a house more expensive than heating it?

It is not always the case that cooling is more expensive than heating. It depends on the type of system you have and your utility rates. It also varies based on your location. You can find out the most cost effective way to heat and/or cool your home with an advanced load calculation. Then you can decide what type of equipment to use.

Why buy a heat pump to cool your home?

Heat pumps are an economical way to provide clean heating AND cooling of a home.

Why does your cooling fan come on when car is just sitting?

While your car is running the engine is heating up. While your driving you have air being forced over the radiator cooling it off. When you are sitting still you don't have that air so your engine is heating up even more so the cooling fan comes on to help cool you engine off. Via cooling the radiator.

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