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its just their opinion. mabey they do like you but there obviously not going to tell you. and theres probibly a person who likes you even though you like someone else.

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personality is what its all about

if u are a girl and u like diary of a wimpy kid u will really like dear dumb diary they are like diary of a wimpy kid books but they are about a girl However, if you don't like "girl drama" or are not a girl, and you like fantasy, I would recommend Fablehaven and The Candy Shop War, both of which are by Brandon Mull.

If a boy you like kisses another girl, if you really like him be happy for him!

no he doesn't. he had to act for the movie "Karate Kid".

Find another girl that you like that DOES like you.

You shouldn't want or need to act like another girl. Just be yourself.

stay cool girl dont you like another boy dont get all freaked out just the you like another boy you like another boy

not really that name is more for a girl

It depends on who you are. Ask a girl that has kissed another girl what it feels like.

Then move on. If the girl has no interest in you then you shouldn't worry about it.

Type your answer here..make another cute girl like him then make the girl say i like you

It's just like "diary of a wimpy kid" except that it's the girl version, so if you like "diary of a wimpy kid" then you might like it. ^_^

Dork Diaries is okay if you like Diary of a Wimpy kid and your a girl. That's all I can think of.

well you probably think she likes the other kid more but she really doesnt, normally when a a girl finds out her crush likes them they start liking the kid even more and what you should do is ask the girl if you should date this other kid and shell get jelous and want to date you

be the cool kid on the playground.. tetherball it up

No the girl in the karate kid had buck teeth

Sounds like you need to be responsible first. The new girl will certainly be watching how you handle the problem with your ex. Being responsible will help you with both girls.

The girl would have to be bisexual or homosexual is she has those type of feelings for another girl.

you give the girl flowers or chocolate! now if your a kid a teddy bear or a necklace ! something like that but with a kiss to her cheeks

No,it is wrong and if you do, you will die.

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