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It doesn't 'move' exactly, it expands. Originally Mercury (a metal in a liquid state at room temperature) was used in thermometers; as the the temperature increases the mercury (or other liquid) expands, taking up more of the volume within the thermometer, causing the level to rise. Thermometers are calibrated to allow the temperature to be measured based on how much expansion has taken place.

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Q: Why does the liquid in a thermometer move?
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What causes the liquid to move in a thermometer?

When the liquid in the thermometer gets warmer it expands.

How does a glass thermometer works?

As the liquid in the thermometer is heated it expands, and the only way the expanding liquid can go is upward. As the liquid in the thermometer cools, it will contract, and the liquid will fall back down into the resevoir, causing the column of liquid to move downward.

What happens to the liquid particles in a thermometer when it is heated?

They expand causing them to move in the only direction available, up the thermometer.

Why doesn't the liquid in the thermometer move when you turn it upside down?

Because it doesn't.

What happens when you heat up a liquid particle?

No, heating a liquid makes it's particles move farther apart (makes the liquid expand). This is most readily observed in an old glass thermometer. As your temperature goes up (as you heat the liquid in the thermometer), the liquid inside expands and travels up the thermometer.

What is the liquid in thermometer's called?

Mercury the liquid inside thermometer is mercury.. but it is called thermometric liquid.

What is liquid-in-glass thermometer?

what do they use for the liquid in glass ball thermometer

Which device has a liquid in glass components?


Why does the liquid expand in a thermometer when it gets hotter?

In a thermometer is a liquid metal called Mercury, so the liquid expands when it is heated up.

What is the liquid in the ball of the thermometer?

the liguid inside the thermometer is Mercury.

What is the mass and capacity in liquid in a thermometer?

This depends on the thermometer model.

Why lab thermometer do not have kink?

the temparature of the liquid must be read while the thermometer is in the liquid.since the level of mercury drops as soon as the thermometer is taken out of the liquid ,therefore no need of the kink in thermometer.