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because if her grandma gives her the recipe the grandma will die

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What is the tone of the poem Legacies?

The poem "Legacies" was written by Nikki Giovanni. It is about a little girl and her grandmother, and is about learning independence.

When was Quilts by Nikki Giovanni published?

2007 (Portable legacies)

Is Nikki Giovanni a woman or a man?

Nikki Giovanni is a woman.

When was Nikki Giovanni born?

Nikki Giovanni was born on June 7, 1943.

Did Nikki Giovanni Have kids or a husband?

NO "Nikki Giovanni" did not get married nor did she have any children.

How many kids did Nikki Giovanni have?

Nikki Giovanni is the author of thirteen books of poetry..

Where did Nikki Giovanni graduate?

Nikki Giovanni graduated at Frisk University in 1967 with a degree in history. Nikki Giovanni graduated at Frisk University in 1967 with a degree in history.

When did Nikki Giovanni die?

Nikki Giovanni has not died yet, but has had lung cancer, and had a lung removed.

How did Nikki Giovanni die?

Nikki Giovanni is not dead. She is the chair of the English Department at Virginia Tech.

Did Nikki Giovanni die?

no Nikki Giovanni did not die she is 66 years old right now.

What is an interesting fact about Nikki Giovanni?

Nikki Giovanni had lung cancer and survived it with one lung!

How did Nikki Giovanni become famous?

Nikki Giovanni is a famous poet who got famous by writing poems.

What is the birth name of Nikki Giovanni?

Nikki Giovanni's birth name is Giovanni Jr., Yolande Cornelia.

How old is Nikki Giovanni?

Yolande "Nikki" Giovanni is 74 years old (birthdate: June 7, 1943).

Did Nikki Giovanni have an older sister?

Yes. Nikki Giovanni's older sister's name is Gary Ann Giovanni.

When did Nikki Giovanni get cancer?

No she did not have cancer!!

Nikki Giovanni is a Poet Laureate?

No she is not

Did Nikki Giovanni have cancer?


What is Nikki giovanni doing now?


What degree did Nikki Giovanni have?


Is Nikki Giovanni now gay?

Nikki Giovanni is known for being a writer and educator. As of May 2014, she has not come out as being gay.

What actors and actresses appeared in An Evening with Nikki Giovanni - 2005?

The cast of An Evening with Nikki Giovanni - 2005 includes: Pearl Cleage as Herself - Interviewee Jocelyn Dorsey as Herself - Emcee Nikki Giovanni as Herself - Interviewee

The explanation of the poem legacies by Nikki Giovanni?

The theme of the poem is independence.The poem is about a little girl that can't say what she really feels. Her grandmother wants her granddaughter to be independent, but the granddaughter refuses to be.Basically, she doesn't want her grandmother's spirit to be hurt by telling her that she doesn't want to make rolls with her.

What is Nikki Giovanni's birthday?

Nikki Giovanni was born on June 7, 1943.

Does Nikki Giovanni have any children?