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There could be many reasons. One of them is appendicitis, which can be serious and even fatal if you let it go untreated. Please, see a doctor and find out what is going on.

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Q: Why does the lower right of my abdomen hurt?
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Why would lower left abdomen hurt?

It's not appendicitis, because that would entail pain in the lower right part.

What cause your lower abdomen hurt?


How do you know when there is something wrong with your appendix?

Your lower right abdomen will hurt really bad. Don't worry about if there is. GET IT CHECKED OUT!

Does your lower back and lower abdomen hurt during early pregnancy?

mine did

What causes burning sensation on lower right side of abdomen near liver?

a burning sensation on the lower right side of the abdomen near the live? :)

Why does your lower left abdomen hurt when you run?

you fool! its called a cramp

Where is the appendex on the right or the left side?

The lower right abdomen.

Where would you hurt if you were having a appendicitis?

You could have pain at the appendix, that is, the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, or it could hurt on the left side. A common location for referred appendix pain is in the chest.

Where is your apendex?

Lower right quadrant of the abdomen.

Can gallstones be felt in the right lower abdomen?

No. They can not be felt there.

Spasm in lower right abdomen?

If you are feeling spasms in your lower right abdomen, it is simply a muscle spasm. Most abdominal muscle spasms are due to overuse, fatigue, or dehydration.

Where is location of liver?

Right side of the abdomen, under the lower ribs extending into the abdomen at the bottom

What are the possible diseases when your lower right abdomen is aching?


The different regions of the abdomen?

Abdomen is sectioned in 4 quadrants. Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Left and Lower Right. Make an imaginary line across the umbilicus laterally and vertically.

What organ is located on the lower right side of the body?

The only organ specific to the lower right side of the abdomen is the appendix.

Where does your appendix?

Appendix is in right lower qudarnt of the abdomen near right hip bone.

What is on the left side of your abdomen?

i was sleeping and i woke up to a really bad pain on my right lower side of my abdomen?

You have pain off and on mainly in your right lower abdomen sometimes in your left any ideas?

Pain in the lower right side of the abdomen can be caused by the reproductive system in females. Pain in the lower left region is usually caused by digestive disorders.

Does an epidural hurt in the neck?

Usually an epidural is injected in the lower spine so it usually does not make your neck hurt. Usually it is used to provide anethesia for the lower extremities from abdomen down.

When you have appendicitis which part of the stomach hurts?

lower part of the abdomen on your right

Lower right side of abdomen hurts?

Could be appendisitis.(your appendix)

Where is the apedix in the body?

If you mean the Appendix, it is in the lower right side of the abdomen.

What causdes a non constant pain in lower right abdomen?


What are the symptoms of appendicitis'?

sharp pain in the right lower quandrant of the abdomen

Does the abdominal quadrants include right left upper lower?

Yes, the abdomen is divided for further study into 4 quadrants Right upper, left upper, right lower, and left lower