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When the moon is nearer the horizon it is being observed through more atmosphere. The air acts as a magnifying glass and makes the moon appear much larger. As it rises higher in the sky, there is less air distortion and it appears a normal size. See the related question linked below. The atmosphere explanation is not generally held to play a major role in this illusion. Here's a link that explains it:

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When do shadows gradually get shorter?

As the sun rises shadows become smaller until it is directly overhead. As it falls shadows become larger until it sets.

What time is third quarter moon directly overhead?

Unless you live in the tropics, the Moon is _NEVER_ directly overhead. If that's you, then the 3rd quarter Moon, which rises about midnight and sets around noon, would be directly overhead at sunrise, perhaps once per decade.

Do shadows shorten as the morning progresses?

Yes. As the sun rises and passes overhead during the day, becoming almost directly overhead at midday, your shadow will shorten.

When the full moon rises the color is yellowish while its color directly overhead is white Why?

When a full moon rises, you are looking through polution, dirt, dust, and the rest of the atmosphere. This makes the moon yellowish or orange. When it is directly overhead, you do not need to look through as much polution, dust and dirt.

What happens to shadows when The sun rises in the east and sets in the west?

When the sun rises in the east, the shadows point west, at mid-day when the sun is directly overhead there is no shadow, when the sun passes the mid-point in the sky, the shadows then point to the east.

Which constellation is directly overhead in spring?

That's going to depend on where you are on Earth (your latitude), and on what date you decide to look, and on what time of day or night. You may not have noticed that everything in the sky rotates, and every star rises, crosses the sky, and sets, just like the sun and the moon do, and each star rises about 4 minutes earlier every night than it did the night before. Whatever is directly overhead now, won't be in a half hour from now.

What is the significance of the tropic of cancer and Capricorn and arctic and antarctic circle?

Tropic of Cancer - northern most latitude the sun can be directly overhead. Tropic of Capricorn - southern most latitude the sun can be directly overhead. Arctic Circle - southernmost latitude in the northern hemisphere where the sun never sets or rises on one day during the year. Antarctic Circle - northernmost latitude in the southern hemisphere where the sun never sets or rises on one day during the year.

If Sirius the brightest star in the sky rises 10pm one night the following night it will rise at?

The solar day is 24 hours long; from the Sun overhead to the Sun overhead the next day takes 24 hours. However, the sidereal day - from a star overhead to the star overhead the next night - is only 23 hours 56 minutes. The stars appear to rise 4 minutes earlier each night. So if Sirius rises at 10PM one night, it will rise at 9:56 PM the next night.

As a helium filled balloon rises in the air it becomes?

Larger (the air pressure is dropping as it rises).

A What forms when magma slowly rises up inside the crater of a larger volcano?

When magma slowly rises up the inside the crater of a larger volcano, it forms a Lava Dome.

Will Mars appear larger in August 2009?

No. Mars did make an exceptionally close approach to Earth in August 2003, and every year since, spammers change the date and resend the message. However, Mars will NEVER appear "as big as the full Moon". Right now, on August 9, 2009, Mars rises a little before sunrise and is visible low in the eastern sky at dawn. By January, 2010, Mars will be overhead at midnight, but this will be one of the more distant conjunctions.

If a crescent moon rises in the east how will it appear in 6 hours?


Will deathstroke be in dark knight rises?

Deathstroke will probably not appear in The Dark Knight Rises, but he would be a great character in upcoming movies.

If the sun rises directly east where are you?

That would only happen at the equator

What welding position has the highest heat input?

Heat rises so in my experience it is always overhead that has the most heat input.

Where does the sun appear to rise and set?

the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

Where does the moon appear to rise and set?

The moon rises in the East and sets in the West.

What time is waning crescent overhead?

The waning crescent moon rises between 2 to 5 hours before the Sun does, and so it will be as close as it ever is to "overhead" in mid-morning; call it between 9AM to 11AM.

If air pressure rises what does temperature do?

Air pressure and temperature are not directly connected.

What happens to an air bubble released at the bottom of a pond?

it becomes larger as it rises

Which part of the sky does the sun appear to rise in?

If it rises at all, it will be generally towards the east.

Where does the sun appear to be as the earth rotates?

It rises in the East and sets in the West, every day.

What effect does temperature have on the solubility of a solid solute in a liquid solvent?

solubility increase as the temperature rises rises thus its directly proportional under normal circumstances

How many days in a year the sun rises directly from the east?

Two days a year does the sun rise directly in the east over the equator.

From what compass direction does the sun appear each morning?

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

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