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Check your contacts on the inside of the door opening. The ones on the door look like thick pins and they make contact with metal cylanders on the crossbeam. If they don't make a good connection, you can get that error. Use either rubbing alcohol or an pencil eraser to clean the flat cylanders and your problem will be solved.


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It is a 4 door vehicle with a rear hatch.

Could be that the sensor in the door isn't registering that the door is closed.

Warning lights on a 2008 Honda Accord include the gas light and the check engine light. There is also lights that come on when doors are open.

The sliding door on a Honda Odyssey can become stuck when objects are jammed in the rails or the motor fails. The doors are designed to close on their own which causes problems when the electrical components fail.

I think you have to get out lock doors and open with key,this resets it.

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check the manual or ask Honda if there's a fuse you can remove without adversely affecting anything else

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Magnets are used to close doors and keep them closed. They are also used in security doors to make sure they are safely closed.

A AC system does not have to work as hard if doors are closed unless someone is going in or out. If doors are left open heat can get into the house.

The doors will only open if the vehicle is in park. If in gear drive, it will just beep at you. This is for safety reasons in case your driving, and you child decides to open the doors on the freeway. 2nd reason- child locks could be on. 3rd more obvious reason.... doors are locked.

Try the answers for 2000 sliding power doors. I know they re-made the vehicle in 2000 but it might be relevant still.

A disconnected door handle linkage can cause your sliding doors not to open. The locking mechanism may not be fully disengaging, of which will cause your door not to open.

If your courtesy lights are staying on with the doors closed and there is no door ajar warning light , check on your dash to the right of your headlight switch. There is a dimmer wheel switch for your guage lighting , if it has been rotated all the way up that turns on your courtesy lights when the doors are closed

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Some doors, yes, but not all.

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Yes, all civic doors from 92-95 are interchangeable. However coupe/hatchback doors and sedan doors are not.

Dirty contacts (if fitted) on the hatchback door. A broken door switch or broken door switch wire.

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