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Could be to tight. (bad tensioner) Is there a bad/bent pully or bad water pump/alternator/etc? (wobbling pulley might destroy belt)

2006-09-07 01:04:31
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Bolt pattern for 1987 Monte Carlo ss?

5 x 4.75" 5 lugs and there spaced 4.75" apart.

Dash lights not working on a 1995 Monte Carlo?

the dash lights went out in our older 1995 monti Carlo does the whole dash need to be taken apart or are you able to change lamps from behind

Hi what is a french speaking city you could study that is well known apart from Paris and Montreal Canada?

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Need Wiring diagram for 1972 Monte Carlo?

Purchase the assembly manuals they have all that stuff and so much more in them and are invaluable when taking on e of these cars apart and putting together.

How do you tighten up a steering column on a 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo ss that has slack in it?

I'm having the same issue on this I am from mass as well. What I have found out by taking the steering column almost completely apart, is that there are four six point male started bolts that are behind everything. From what I was told by asking around is that those bolts need to be tightened. How to get to them is another issue. Hope this helps

How do you remove oil pan 1996 Monte Carlo?

You have to do too much. You would prob be better off taking it in. The book says you have to pretty much take the whole enigine apart, take the fly wheel off ball joint, tire, raise the motor.

What can cause the service vehicle light condition on a 2000 Monte Carlo?

Mine has been coming on because I have a bad wire somewhere in the car. I also have a 2000 Monte Carlo SS, and I have been trying to find out where to find these wires before I rip my car apart. If you take it to a mechanic they can hook it up to the computer and it will tell you exactly what is wrong, it cost $50, otherwise mine light has also came on when my gas cap is not on tight, if you want to try that. DO NOT PAY TO HAVE THE TROUBLE CODES READ!!!!! ALL AutoZone parts stores will read them and clear them from your car for FREE! . .

How do you get the limited-slip rear end on a 1990 Chevy k 5 blazer apart?

how do you get the limited-slip rear end on a 1990 Chevy blazer k-5 apart

How do you install a serpentine belt on an explorer?

There is a spring-loaded tensioner that you must move with a ratchet to relieve the belt tension. Before you do, look at the tensioner and verify that it isn't falling apart. If it is falling apart, replace it.

What kind of music did Gian Carlo Menotti write?

Apart from opera he wrote several ballets and numerous choral works.

How do you tell a Chevy 350 and 305 apart by just looking?

They look the same.

I am buying a 72 Monte Carlo with rebuilt engine. Purrs like a kitten but has no power. Has 60 psi on every cylinder. Why?

Sounds like when the engine was put together that the rings on the pistons are lined up wrong. There are 3 rings on each piston and they should 90 degrees apart, that should give you max compression.

How do you change the left door handle on a 1991 Chevy Corsica?

You have to take the door apart

What do you have to take apart to get at low beam light bulb on 2009 Chevy Malibu?

you tell me how to change head light bulb on 2009 chevy malibu.

How do you take the dash cover off?

how do you take apart the dash cover on my 2003 Chevy cavalier

How do you take the radio out of a Chevy Cavalier?

you will have to take your dash apart from were the gauges are all the way to the radio

How do you stroke Chevy 350 engine?

can i have apart nembers the the rebeld 350 engine to get ahi hp

The 2001 Chevy blazer backdoor is stuck or does not want to open how can you fix it?

You have to take the door apart

How do you replace an intake gasket on a 1997 Monte Carlo 3.1 engine?

I am in the process of changing one in a 1997 lumina, 3.1. If you are not a descently skilled mechanic then I would have a mechanic do it. However if you are good at tearing things apart and fixing them, then give it a shot. Its not to bad, just becareful, go to autozone and buy a haynes manual for that vehicle before you start that is gona be the best way to learn.

How do you fix a burned out check engine light on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

You will have to take the dash apart and replace the bulb.

How do you take apart center console?

Chevy 05 coloradoz71 need to get to my radio how u take the cosole off

Do you have to take the steering column apart to take engine out of 1996 Chevy blazer 4x4?

NO..... It is not in the way, it is just a tight fit.

How many lugnuts on a 1998 Chevy Suburban 4x4?

A 1998 Chevy Suburban 4x4 uses 5 lugnuts. Each are positioned 5 inches apart along inner edge of each wheel.

Why does only one cylinder have no compression on my Chevy 355?

Could be a valve problem or a broken ring. Probably have to take it apart to find out.

How do you fix the needle in the dash that shows what gear it is in for a 1995 Chevy lumina?

take apart the dash, and reset it to park when the car is in park.