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I'm not sure what the question is referring to . . . the "sides of the sun" don't have frequencies.

So, as we always do in the case of a garbled or almost meaningless question, I'll search the

things I know about to find a question that might match this one, and then answer a question

that I can find.

Maybe it's talking about the emission spectrum of the hot gases on the surface of the sun.

We do know that the characteristic 'benchmarks' in an emission spectrum are shifted

toward higher frequencies if the source is approaching us, and toward lower frequencies

if the source is receding from us. So the emission spectra from the sun's left and right

'edges' (limbs) would be shifted in opposite directions, because the sun is rotating . . .

one edge is moving toward us and the other edge is moving away from us.

How do you feel about that question and answer ?

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Q: Why does the sides of the sun have different frequncys?
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