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a teacher becomes annoyed with scout because they do not listen and do not pay attention so they do not learn.

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Why does Miss Caroline Fisher become annoyed with Scout in chapter two of To Kill a Mockingbird?

The teacher becomes annoyed with Scout because Scout already knows how to read and write, and she tells the teacher about the Cunninghams, making her look like a fool.

Why does scout become annoyed with dill?

scout gets anoyed because she doesn't get included in the games between him and jem

Why did scout get annoyed with dill?

Scout becomes annoyed with Dill because she doesn't ever get included in the games between him and Jem

What is a good sentence using the word annoyed?

The birds screeching annoyed the cat.A dog may feel annoyed if pestered.The teacher became annoyed when students kept whispering.

How do I make my teacher mad?

Laugh/ scream when teacher isn't looking unit they get annoyed

Which teacher was annoyed with Anne Frank?

The math teacher Mr. Kraler Anne did not like math.

Who annoyed scout at school because her father was defending a black man?

just because

Why did scout get into trouble with her teacher on the first day of school?

Scout got in trouble with her teacher because she already knew how to read and write.

What does Scout teacher tell her to do?

Scout's teacher orders her to stop reading.

In To Kill a Mockingbird Scout explained to her teacher that Walter Cunningham?

Scout tells the teacher that Walter is poor and the poor don't take money because it show disrespect and the teacher hit scout in the hand with a ruler because that is not what she believes in in her perspective

Why did Scout attack Walter?

Because she told the teacher he had no money, and Cunningham's did not accept charity. The teacher scolded Scout, so she took it out on Walter.

What does Scout tell her teacher about the Cunninghams?

Scout tells her teacher that the Cunninghams never take things from people unless they are able to pay it back.

How has scout changed by the end of the novel?

by the end of the novel scout has become more mature. She begins to understand her father advice and she finally can create her own opinion on what has become of her county from the trial. Such as her conclusion on her teacher feeling bad for Jews but hating blacks.

Who is miss Caroline?

she is the teacher of jem and scout

Who is Scout Finch's teacher?

Mrs. Carolyn.

How does scout manage her teacher in to kill a mocking bird?

she can read and she tells the teacher about the cunninghams

How do you become an NFL Scout?

Take an NFL scout course.

Why does scout get in trouble with her teacher on the first day of school?

She reads fluently to her teacher. With the education system of the time, it was not acceptable to be taught at home. When Scout denies her father taught her, Miss Caroline thinks Scout is lying, getting her in trouble.

Who did Scout beat up on the first day of school in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Scout had tried to come to Walter Cunningham's aid when the teacher did not understand why Walter had no lunch and why he refused money to buy lunch. But Scout cannot tell details of what she knows; she does say the teacher is making Walter feel ashamed. The teacher does not appreciate that comment! So she punishes Scout, and the class laughs. Scout beats up Walter because he got her in trouble.

Could a teacher call you dumb?

no a teacher can not call you dumb because it is you right to not be abused in any way but its your responsibility to mot call the teacher anything or make her/him annoyed in a way.

How was more to blame scout or her teacher?

i think scout was more to blame because scout should have been in 1st grade instead of kindergarden if she was so smart.

Why didn't Scout want to read with Atticus?

Scout did want to read with atticus, it was the kindergarden teacher (Ms. Caroline Fisher) that did not want atticus reading to scout.

To kill a mockingbird- why was scout so upset by her teacher's criticism of Hitler?

Scout was so upset by her teacher criticising Hitler because he was being racially prejudiced towards the Jewish people and Scout linked this prejudice to that of Maycomb County and the Negroes. Scout is upset that her teacher sees it as wrong for Hitler to punish the Jews when her teacher does the same thing to Negroes within their own community.

How much is it to become a scout?

The amount varies depending on what kind of scout you want to be.

Where did scout become mature in the last year?

Scout from To kill a mocking bird?