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if i don't have the key to open the trunk or the push button does not work from the inside of the car to open the trunk of a 1999 Mercury Cougar, could i be able to bypass the button or switch to open it?

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On a 1991 Mercury Cougar : The oil pump is INSIDE the oil pan ( the oil pan is bolted to the bottom of the engine )

Try looking in the center console...Lift the cover! Should either be inside the glove box on the left side, yellow circle button, or inside the center counsel, yellow circle button

On a 1999 Mercury Cougar : The ELECTRIC fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank It is installed through an access hole in the top of the fuel tank

The door lock, on your 1999 Mercury cougar, can be replaced by removing the inside door panel. The locking mechanism is easily visible and can be changed.

If your model has one, look in the trunk ,drivers side, under the mat/carpet. Mark ========================================================== According to a drawing in the 1999 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide : The fuel pump shut off switch / inertia switch ( which has a reset button on top ) Is located in the drivers footwell , behind the kick panel ( there is an access hole ) * it is near the inside hood release

its in the trunk on a sticker or under the hood or inside the door

It is mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

follow the raditor hose it will have to bolts look for the bolts take them off and it inside the hose.

look inside the glove box on the door itself..most cougs have em right there

i heard it is inside the catlitic converter i am just repeting what i heard do not know for sure.

The inside handle has a screw at the base, just inside of the opening in the door. It can be reached with a screwdriver and removed to take the handle off.

There is a diagram inside the fuse box and also one in the owners manual if you have it.

Inside the steering column behind (connected too) the ignition key switch

Yes, but you will have to do some trimming inside the engine bay as the '02 lights go farther back into the vehicle than the originals did. More info at

I just had mine replaced and it is inside top of gas tank. Gotta drop tank.

The filter is actaully located inside of the transmission would have to remove the transmission and tear it apart to get to the filter

Faceing the engine.move to the left side of your car. Looking inside and down.Find your belt.Follow the belt and your alternator should be below it.

The transmission on a 2000 mercury Cougar is on the drivers side. If your planning on removing the tranny, the subframe must be removed. If your wanting to change the filter you are out of is deep inside the transmission. The pan on the side of the tranny toward the front of the car covers the valve body.

Remove the inside door panel of your 1997 Mercury Cougar. Remove the wiring harness from the window motor. Remove the window motor linkage. Remove the window motor retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new window motor.

its on your fuse box. open it look inside. if you dont find it there look under your hood on your car. on a sticker

inside the steering column on the left side. The turning indicator relay box is a 1.5 inch black box with 3 plugs.

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