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Because the coin is not a silver eagle, with a date 1902 the coin is a MORGAN dollar. The first Silver Eagle was made in 1986.


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The amount of pure silver in the 1902 Morgan dollar is .77344oz, all US silver one dollar coins from 1840 to 1935 have this much silver in them.

The 1902 Morgan dollar has .77344oz (about 25 grams) of pure silver. All U.S. silver one dollar coins from 1840 to 1935 have the same amount of silver.

The coin is NOT a "American Silver Eagle" it's a Morgan dollar (1878-1904 & 1921) the bullion Eagles were first made in 1986. Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmarks, retail value is $32.00-$45.00 depending on how much wear the coin shows. The 1902 Morgan dollar is a very common coin.

The US did not make a 1 oz. fine silver dollar until 1986, with a date of 1902 the coin is a Morgan dollar, look on the back under the eagle for a mintmark, if it has one it will be a "O" or "S" Post new question.

Four dollars Issue of 1900-1902 (1900) Dec 1900 Courtney 420,000 Printed (1902) Jan 1903 Courtney 440,000 Printed (1902) July 1911 Boville 1,636,000 Printed 2011 (:

In the search box on your home page, type in 1902 Morgan dollar. Click on images and then search. This will bring up a lot of pictures.

A 1902 Morgan still in collectible condition is worth about $33.00

5-7-11>> A 1902 US Barber half dollar without a mintmark in average condition has a retail value of $17.00-$22.00.

Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, the 1902 MORGAN dollar is a common date of the series. Values run from $23.00 to $31.00

Not a "silver eagle" and not a bullion coin. Up to 1935, silver dollars were made for use in normal retail commerce. The price of silver was low and was fixed by the government, so the coins were worth exactly $1 at that time. What you have is commonly called a Morgan dollar, after its designer George Morgan. See the Related Question for more.

The first PEACE dollar was struck in 1921 , the date 1902 is a MORGAN dollar that's valued at $35.00-$50.00 in circulated condition. Peace dollars were made from 1921 to 1935.

1902-O Morgans are common, values for circulated examples run from $17.00-$26.00

Sorry no 1 ounce silver coins were struck in 1902 only Morgan dollar coins were struck in that year.

A US 1902 Liberty Head Half-Eagle with or without a mintmark (only an "S") is nothing special, circulated coins are $400.00-$490.00.

Please look at the coin again, no 1902 Morgans exist with CC mintmarks, the last year was 1893.

The value is $25.00-$35.00 in circulated condition, the coin is common.

On your browser type in "Morgan dollar" and click on images. This will bring up a lot of pics.

As of August 2012 the value will be around 52 dollars.

Eagle Point Bridge was created in 1902.

Assuming the coin is circulated, the 1902 Morgan is a common date, retail values are $25.00-$33.00 depending on the actual grade of the coin.

The coin is a Morgan Dollar. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is on all US coins of that date. 1902 is a common date for this series, circulated coins have retail values of $17.00-$33.00 depending on the grade of the coin.

No US Mint produced a 1902 Walking Liberty 1oz. silver coin. Look at the coin again and post new question. The first year for ANY 1 ounce bullion coin was 1986.

A 1902 Liberty Head nickel is common, in average condition value is a dollar or two for most coins. No US nickel was made of silver until late 1942 through 1945 these are the "War Nickels" and had 35% silver in them. From 1946 to date they are copper- nickel.

Assuming no mint marks retail values for circulated coins run from $17.00 to $30.00 depending on the condition of the coin

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