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Why does warm air rise and cold air sink?

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because warm air has less pressure then what cold air has

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Why do warm air masses rise and cold air masses sink?

Cold air is denser than warm air.

Why doesn't a warm air mass under a cold air mass at a warm front?

Warm air is lighter than cold air, that means that warm air will rise and the cold air will sink.

Do cold dry air masses sink or rise?

cold air sinks as denser - warm air rises

Convection currents form when warm air rises and cold air sinks What causes the warm air to rise and the cold air to sink?

a difference in density

How does uneven heating of earth's surface cause convection currents?

It causes convection currents because there is hot air and cold air.The hot air will will rise and the cold air will sink. then the cold ari will rise and the hot air will sink. it all changes.For instance, the hot air after it rises will sink down adn become cold air. The cold air after it sinks, it will become hot air and rise.

Does cool air rise or sink?

Cool air tends to sink, while warm air tends to rise.

Why does got air rise and cold air sink?

Hot air is lighter while cold air is heavier. This results in warm or hot air rising and cool or cold air falls.

When warm air rises cold air will what?

The cold air will sink.

What makes the movement of air?

Differing air temperature causing cold air to sink, and warm air to rise is the main cause of air movement.

What kind of currents are caused by warm air rising and cold air sinking?

Convection is the process that causes warm air to rise and cold air to sink. As such, the winds caused by this process are called convection currents.

Does warm air rise or sink?

rise because of it's density

Why does warm air masses rise and cold air masses sink?

Density. You can figure out the details using the ideal gas law.

What is covection?

causes warm air to rise and sink

Why does warm air rise and cool air sink?

Because warm air is less dense then cool air.

What will happen to warm air that is surrounded by cold air?

the warm air will rise

When warm air meets cool air does the warm air sink?

The cold air pushes under the warm air.

Why does a warm air mass rise?

Warm air is less dense, which means it is lighter. Cold air will displace warm air causing warm air to rise.

Does the air in a low pressure region tend to sink or rise?

It tends to rise because it is warm air

How does the sun cause wind to blow?

the sun cause un= heating of the earth making warm air to rise and cold air to sink. now you have wind.

When happens when cooler air and heated air interact?

The cool air will sink and the warm air will rise.

What type of front forms from cold air move underneath warm air forcing the warm air to rise?

This is a cold front.

What occurs when warm and cold air come in contact?

when a warm and cold air come in as a contact it is like cold air is heavier than warm air so it sinks forcing lighter warm air to rise

What kind of density do warm air and cold air masses have?

Cold air is more dense than warm air. This is why cold air masses tend to descend, and warm air masses tend to rise.

Why does cold air or water sink?

Because Warm air is less dense.

When is air likely to rise?

Warm air rises. Cold air sinks.

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