Why does water bubble up from ground after you water your tree?

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The ground drinks the water and air underneath the surface forces its way up.
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Why does boiling water 'bubble'?

The coolest part of the water is on the top of the pot. That'swhere the water is touching the air. Then obviously the hottestpart is at the bottom where the water is closest to the heatsource. Since heat makes water evaporate into its gas form, thebubbles are from the heated gaseous water from the b ( Full Answer )

What is ground water?

A water bearing a subsurface layer within the earth is called anaquifer and is permeable is an aquiclude. water underground water underground Where we humans get most of our drinking water. And it is during recollection does the water seep into ground and form groundwater. It is mainly in the gr ( Full Answer )

What is the bubbles in tap water?

The bubbles in tap water are usually trapped air. The water travels through underground pipes where it is relatively cold and under pressure. When it comes out of the tap and into (for example) a glass it is no longer pressurised. It quickly begins to warm and the tiny bubbles of trapped air rapidly ( Full Answer )

Why does water bubble up on a penny when you add drops of water to it?

The water bubbles up because of cohesion. Cohesion: the force of attraction that holds together a substance's molecules; cohesion is strongest in solids, weaker in liquids, and weakest in gases. The water doesn't spread out evenly all over the penny because the H2O molecules are so strongly attract ( Full Answer )

Can you pop a water bubble on your toe?

A water blister can be pierced with a sterilized needle, to drain the fluid, and then covered with an antibiotic ointment and a bandage.

Why does water bubble up on a penny?

Cohesion is the reason why water bubbles on a penny. The watermolecules are strong attracted to each other that they don't evenlyspread out.

Why does hot water bubble?

when water gets to 100 degrees c it begins to evaporate therefore letting off bubbles of oxygen. Hope this answers your question!

How do you get water out of the ground?

We can dig out the ground water by digging wells and bore -wells. We can use it and drink it without boiling itself though it is the pure rain water.

How does the water get up the tree?

Water is carried up a tree through the xylem tissue in the process of Transpiration. Since there is constant evaporation coming from the leaves, it creates a continuous flow of water from the roots to the chutes. The roots are what absorb the vast majority of water a tree needs. Both cohesion and ad ( Full Answer )

Why is ground water hard to clean up?

well because the water is in the ground and the ground has dirt and stuff which could lend to some posion or illness.

Is ground water fresh water?

Groundwater starts as precipitation, so it's fresh and potable before it hits the ground. Once it's been underground you don't necessarily know what harmful organic materials (bacteria and spores) it may have collected, or what chemical pollution it may have taken in. It may also have dissolved mine ( Full Answer )

Composition of a water bubble in boiling water?

A water bubble consists of oxygen. Bubbles occur because ofescaping air from liquids when heated. There is plenty of oxygen inwater and that is why the bubbles are mostly oxygen.

What is surface water and ground water?

There are several types of water and giving the right name makes a difference. Surface water is the water above ground. Ground water is the water below ground. Both types can be further separated into Fresh water and salt water. All of these can be further separated into liquid water and f ( Full Answer )

Why are there bubbles in water?

There are several ways bubbles are formed. Splashing, running water, fish, and vents are a few examples of how they are formed. When air is forced below the surface of water, it forms a bubble that travels toward the surface of the water. Bubbles exist because air is lighter than water and the air w ( Full Answer )

Bubbles in the water?

The bubbles you see in water are air bubbles. they rise to the top then pop when they reach the surface.

Why do bubbles start to come up when water start to boil?

As the water absorbs heat, at the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the liquid water boils and becomes a gas. The gaseous water, called "steam", expands and becomes far less dense. The steam bubbles rise to the surface.

Why does water have bubbles?

because when the water is poured or is running it is constantly moving and collects air which then basically gets pushed into the water well that's just a vague answer sorry i hope it made you get a basic answer Water ordinarily has gasses from the air dissolved in it. If you leave the water sta ( Full Answer )

Water bubbles out from the ground?

Why does the ground bubble when I water my yard plants? Makes me wonder what is underneath in my back yard. Hmmm.....

Can bubbles be made with water?

Bubbles cannot just be made with plain water; you need to add soap or something else like that. Shampoo, bubble bath, soap etc...

How do water molecules move up a tree?

They enter the hairs of roots which are at the tips or roots and they soak in water and nutrients. The water molecules move up the tree through the xylem. The xylem are tubes made up of dead cells that have holes at either ends that are joined together to make hollow tubes that water can flow throug ( Full Answer )

How does sea water get into the ground water?

It's basically a question of balance. . Let's say you put a sponge soaked in freshwater into seawater. . The sponge represents land, and the water in it is the groundwater. . At the beginning, the water presssure inside the sponge ispretty much the same as the pressure outside the sponge, so ther ( Full Answer )

Is there water in the ground and where?

Mostly there is water in the ground when there's a nearby river ora creek etc. The water is mostly deep inside the earth and mudbecause the rainwater soaks into it.

Is there water in the ground?

Yes the water table is the level of water under ground .... it is currently very deep under water.

What happens if ground water dries up?

A number of things can happen, depending on the local geology. Sink holes can form where water has receded. The ground level itself may lower over time. The biggest problem that occurs when ground water, and especially aquifer levels fall is that people have less access to fresh water.

How does the water get into the ground?

When rain falls to the ground, the water does not stop moving. It seeps into the ground. . Water seeps into the ground, such as glass of water poured onto a pile of sand.

What is ground water-?

Groundwater is water that is benieth the earth's surface in soilpore spaces and in the fracture of rock formations.

Why do bubbles in water look shiny?

The skin by its refractive index with respect to its other media isa Fresnel interface; at the interface white is scattered.

How does water move up a tree or plant?

Another contributor said: Osmosis is a powerful force carrying water and nutrients up a treeor plant stem. Osmosis, draws or pushes, fluids from one area,containing a solution of low concentration, into another area,through a membrane, and into a solution, that has less water bypercentage, or a hig ( Full Answer )

What makes water travel up in a tree?

The adhesion property of water and diffusion allows water to travelupwards, but xylems are the "pipes" that carry that water up andthroughout the plant.

Why are there bubbles in water when you boil it?

When water is heated to or above the boiling point, it turns from aliquid into a colorless gas. The bubbles you see are bubbles ofwater gas, more commonly called water vapor, escaping to thesurface of the boiling water.

Why does water rise up a tree?

Capillary action... In the same way that water is drawn up a narrowglass tube in the laboratory - so the sap gets drawn up the treetrunk by the same action.