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Why does water rise in an artesian well?

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Basically due to pressure -

In an artesian well, the aquifer (water bearing rock) is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of impermeable rock that creates pressure. When it's drilled the pressure is relieved and the water finds a route to air.

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Naturally flowing water wells are called "Artesian" wells.An artesian well

An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater under positive pressure. This causes the water level in a well to rise to a point where hydrostatic equilibrium has been reached. A well drilled into such an aquifer is called an artesian well.

An artesian well allows pressurized underground water to rise to the surface. Some artesian water is extremely pure, making it safe to drink while others are non-potable because of the presence of harmful impurities like dissolved salts.

Artesian water is usually cleaner than other well water

That is called "artesian water" .That is called "artesian water" .

well water is pump of of the ground, artesian well water comes out of the ground by itself

A well that allows water to rise without a pump is an artesian well. This is usually a very narrow well drilled into strata capable of pushing water to the surface by internal hydrostatic pressure.

Most artesian water is quite pure but all Well water should be tested before drinking.

I dont know what an artesian wall is but an artesian well is a well that has been drilled and the driller hit a big water vein and the water from the well over flows the hole that is drilled and in turn the water overflows the well casing....there is nothing bad about an artesian well except that the ground around the well will always be damp and soggy.

It can if it's an artesian well.

An artesian well is a pumpless water source that utilizes pipes that are underground to allow water that is under pressure to rise to the surface for use. One needs to use porous stone sandwiched between two layers of a substance such as shale, that is impermeable.

a spring flows out water and an artesian well would gush out water

Artesian water come from a well the is dug in the earth..when the well is dug, the internal pressure from the hole causes the water to burst forth spontaneously from the well like a fountain.

That is 'artesian' not artisan. An artisan is a person who is expert in a trade. An artesian well is one where subterranean pressure forces the water to the surface.

The difference between an artesian basin and artesian wells is that the basin keeps the water contained underground and the well has water in it that rises under its own pressure.

The difference between an artesian well and a geyser is that............ a artesian is a pump less water source that use pipes to allow underground water. a geyser is a hot spring in which water intermittently boils.

An artesian well is a well that is dug into the ground to the water table and is under pressure and will spray out of the well head like a oil geyser.

An artesian well is formed when it is located in center and surrounded by hills . The table of underground water tries to come out of the well due to the opening in the center with pressure. This type of well is called as artesian well.

They are called Artesian Wells where underground water under positive pressure causes the water level in the well to rise to a point where hydrostatic equilibrium has been reached. If the water reaches ground level they are call flowing artesian wells; some my look like fountains.

This type of well is called an Artesian Well. If the pressure is great enough to raise the water above the ground level, it is called a Flowing Artesian Well.

The water in artesian wells is under pressure - or at least was when the well was dug.

An artesian well flows naturally. This is because in an artesian well the aquifer is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of impermeable rock. This causes positive pressure which is often enough to bring water to the surface. That's know as a free flowing artesian well.

The term artesian means that the water is contained in an underground aquifer and/or reservoir. The fact that it is spouting means that it has artesian pressure and is a flowingartesian well. The geology of the site determines the amount of pressure on the reservoir and not all artesian wells have enough, or any pressure to spout. The pressure comes from the weight of ground structures and ground water pressing on and around the underground reservoir.

In an artesian well, water rises because of pressure sustained within the aquifer. In this system, water sometimes escapes to the surface to cause artesian springs.

The artesian spring is just over this next rise in the trail.

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