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I have to disagree with you to a point because I've seen some women that shouldn't be wearing them and their behinds look like two Pit bulls having one heck of a fight! For the more mid to slender women out there tights and spandex show off their curves and even some women look cool when they have a little muscle to their legs. Men wear them for the same reason. I certainly agree - this middle aged, sedentary accountant with the physique to match - certainly wouldn't look sexy and more likely would feel ridiculous in an outfit like that....of course, I'm not sure if I would really be or feel too sexy in anything! Sure needed the good laugh I got out of the above poster. I needed that! LOL Although I am fortunate to have not too bad a body for my age I know I would feel absolutely ridiculous in spandex and would only wear it to provide some good belly laughs.

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Q: Why does wearing tights and spandex make you feel and look so sexy?
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Do women like wearing pantyhose?

I do. I love how the pantyhose make my legs look and feel. They feel silky and sensuous to the touch and so totally sexy.

What is something that Arnold swortinager would look funny wearing?

dress, tights, tutu, thong, bikini, bra

What color tights to wear with a cream skirt?

BLUE would look good. Depending on what kind of top you're wearing, why not go for tights with a print? I think a blueish grayish shirt might go well with black tights.... ?

Why do super heroes wear tights?

to be cool to look HOT ======================== They're not really tights like what girls wear. They're more like spandex.......... According to Mermaid Man, it is the outfits that provide the superpower, 'otherwise no one would dress-up like this.'

Can men wear spandex in public?

Of course guys can wear spandex in public, its probably best to stick with a black pair, that colour does not make you look like a superhero, if that what you don't want...I think what ever makes your body feel comfortable is alright, It takes some getting used to though as I have noticedmost guys look at you more than anything, now that's a little weird I tell you, even heterosexual men cant keep their eyes of youI love my spandex -tights they make things look good ! I am a straight male

Where can i get tights without the extra control at the top as i am wearing hotpants and dont want it to be seeable or noticeable?

M&S or New Look

What replaces silk?

Silk is often replaced by spandex and satin, which have the same feel and look, yet cost a lower price.

What are those tights that look like jeans but there tights?

they are called jeggings

Could a guy look cool wearing a skating dress and tights?

Well, all guys look different, so yes, maybe some type of guys will.

Can fashion affect your health?

Yes. If you feel good about yourself than you will feel better overall. Feeling good about yourself includes feeling good about what you are wearing and how you look wearing it!

Why girls wear tights?

Girls wear tights because they either like the way they look with skirts or they don't feel comfortable showing their legs in public. More input A decent pair of tights can make pair of legs look smooth, shapely and flawless. A layer of warmth. Hiding hairs, moles, pockmarks, celulite, varicose veins and other imperfections.

How do you make your butt look good?

Weaar tights !

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