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Q: Why does white out burn your skin?
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What is the white stuff under sun burn?

If it's a bad sun burn than it can be puss, or just skin. Ever wonder why your skin feels hot when you have a sun burn? That's your lower skin layers still burning, it can last for days!

What type of burn has max loss of skin and reduced feeling and is almost white?


What is skin burn?

A burn (caused by radiation, or heat) to the skin.

Do acids burn your skin?

Yes, acids will burn skin.

Can pva glue burn your skin?

No, PVA can not burn your skin.

The type of burn where the flesh is black or has white spots is?

A burn with charred black flesh or white 'waxy' areas is a full thickness burn, also known as a third degree burn. This is where all layers of the skin are involved, it is very serious and requires urgent medical attention.

What type of burn leaves reddish skin white border and leaves some pain?

first degree

What happens when you put white vinegar on your face?

If you have sensitive skin it may make your face burn and get red. I would no consider doing it if your skin is very sensitive.

Can black skin still get sun burned what does it look like?

Yes color doesn't matter. They may be darker then white people but sun burn is a burn that anyone can get. And it looks like it would look on a white person or any lighter color but not as easy to see. It depends on the skin tone and how long you were out in the sun.

What can acid do to skin?

Acids can burn your skin :)

What effects does Mercury have if you get it on your skin?

it can burn your skin.

Why do blisters burn?

Yes it is a first degree burn