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For the simple reason that - like all animals - they only eat when they feel hungry. Bear in mind that most reptiles are slow-moving, and don't require large amounts of foods like mammals. If you know your beardie isn't eating every day - just offer food every other day instead. This saves you time and effort in preparing food - and cuts down on waste !

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Q: Why does your 10 month old bearded dragon eat one day and not the next day?
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How do you fix my bearded dragons broken back?

As soon as you notice something is wrong with your bearded dragon, you immediately call the vet! Do not wait until the next day! When your bearded dragon acts sluggish, does not move or react to noise or touch, it is in dire need of medical care. Get it to your vet right away or it will be too late for the vet to help your bearded dragon! Even a broken back might be healed if you get your bearded dragon to the vet soon enough after the break happens! Even waiting until the next day may mean the vet cannot help your bearded dragon.

Should you feed your 10 month old bearded dragon every other day?

At 10 months old feed your dragon his/her veggies and greens every day and the protein every 2-3 days

Do bearded dragon's like to be held?

Unless you have a real cranky bearded dragon, they love to be held, in fact you should hold him/her at least once a day.

How much do you feed a adult bearded dragon?

About 10 crickets a day

What day was it yesturday?

what day is it today? what day will it be tomorrow? what month are we in? what month will we be in next month? what day is it today? what day will it be tomorrow? what month are we in? what month will we be in next month? ............whu? =/

Is a bearded dragon nocturnal?

Bearded dragons are diurnal. They are very active and curious during the day and sleep at night.

How long can a bearded dragon go without food?

a bearded dragon can only go so long with out food so i would say about one day

Does a 6 month old bearded dragon need to eat crickets every day?

Yes, beardies need protein everyday till their about a year old.

How often do you feed an adult bearded dragon?

I suggest you feed it every day. but every other day, [as long as he or she is stocked for 2 days] would be alright also, but i feed my bearded dragon once every day!

What Day Year and Month will the next Hannah Montana?

Next month.

Second lizard bearded dragon or crested gecko?

Definitely a bearded Dragon, they are much more a tame and active in the day. A beardie will cost you more but i can tell you they are amazing pets. :) P.S I have 2 crested Geckos and 5 Bearded Dragons

How many meal worms do you feed a bearded dragon per day?

I feed my 5 month old beardie around 6 or 7 meal worms (superworms) a day with vegtables too. He seems to be content with that.

How long should your uvb light be on a day for your bearded dragon?

We have our UV light on approximately 12 hours a day.

How many crickets should your bearded dragon eat daily?

a hatchling hsould get as many as they can eat every day leave them in there for an hour then take what he hasnt eaton out for an adult bearded dragon feed it 6 crickets every other day

How do you tell what type your bearded dragon is?

i have a male dragon..he will not eat...he use to eat two to three times a day...but now he will not eat....

How many times should a normal Bearded Dragon eat in a day?

4 times aday

How often should your give a bearded dragon crickets?

If it is a baby, a few times a day. If it is an adult, then once a day is fine.

How many grasshoppers Should you feed your bearded dragon?

If you have a hatch-ling crush up about 5-7 grasshoppers for each bearded Dragon. Do this 2-3 times a day. Gradually give them more grasshoppers as they grow.

You turn the heating off during the day for your bearded dragon is this good or bad?

Depending on how cold it gets it can be bad.

How often do the lights have to be on for a bearded dragon?

Lights should be on at least 12 hours a day, I turn my bearded dragons lights off before I go to bed and on when I get up in the morning

Bearded dragon how often should you feed the crickets and give them water?

Every day. Make sure you clean out their water bowls or tubs or whatever you have the bearded dragons water in.

How do you tame a bearded dragon?

A bearded Dragon as well as any animal can be tamed with love and care. They need to be handled as often as possible so it can be used to being around humans. Basically the dragon should cometo understnd that humans are not a threat. I was ab;e to tame a Dragon that was very aggressive with people and bit alot as well after only a month of me picking him up and handilng him every day. Also A Beardie could be aggresive because of its heath. A healthy dragon is a happy one after all!

Is it okay to feed a bearded dragon crickets that have eaten food om the same day?

Yes, you can feed crickets that have eaten food on the same day that you feed them to the bearded dragon. It helps the dragon to get more food. It's called gut loading, because you are loading the crickets' guts with extra food that the dragon can use. There is a substance that you can sprinkle onto the crickets before you feed them to the dragon. You can check with your pet store for that.

How many mealworms should you give a lizard a day?

depends on the size of the lizard if it is about the size of a bearded dragon i recommend 10 at day and 5 at night

How long does a bearded dragon stay in its egg?

The bearded dragon is a mixed breed. It is not one of the 8 main species of dragons. The dragon will stay in its egg from the day it was layed to 6 days. It will need to be heated at an 65 degrees F. If you have any more questions be sure to post it on my page. -Jaga5