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There many other reasons for a vehicle to overheat besides thermostat and radiator cap. one example is retarded ignition timing.

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Q: Why does your 1986 GMC pickup overheat with coolant boiling back into the reservoir when it pulls any size load up hills?
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Where do you put coolant in 1994 Chevy s10 pickup?

where do i put coolant in for 1994 Chevy s10 pickup

Does the radiator overflow reservoir need to be full for the heater to work in a Toy '94 4x4 pickup?

no it doesnt........the overflow container is just there to catch the extra has nothing to do with the heating system

What is the coolant capacity of a 1993 Toyota pickup with a 22R engine?

10.5 qts

What color should the coolant be in a 2000 s-10 pickup be?

If it still has the original DexCool coolant, it would be a pinkish/red.

What type of coolant is used in 92 Chevy pickup?

Green color.

What type of coolant does a 99 Chevy s10 pickup use?


What is coolant capacity of 1993 gmc c1500 pickup?

11 Quarts

84 Chevy pickup coolant sensor 6 cly location?

where is the coolant sensor on a 1984 s10 blazer 2.8 6 cylender

Where is the transmission fluid resovoir on a 86 s-10 pickup?

There isn't a transmission fluid reservoir on an 86 S10 pickup. The transmission fluid is held in the transmission itself.

Where is the windshield washer pump on a 1989 Toyota pickup?

It is located on the bottom of the windshield washer reservoir.

If your water pump was leaking can the coolant enter the engine on 1993 Nissan pickup?

No It Can Not.


Mounted on the bottom of the washer fluid reservoir.

Chevy pickup will not start durning winter season?

Replace the engine coolant sensor.

What coolant for1988 Chevy pickup truck?

The green color antifreeze will be just fine.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a 1995 Nissan pickup?

below the raditor hose that's connected to the thermostat.

How do you Remove window washer reservoir dodge ram 1500?

The first step in removing the window washer fluid reservoir in a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck is draining the radiator. Next you will remove the upper hose for better access to the reservoir. Detach the hose and remove the wire harness surrounding the reservoir. Lastly, release the mounting tabs and pull upward on the reservoir.

What is the problem when the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor on a 1997 Dodge pickup?

If the master cylinder reservoir is empty, you have a leak somewhere. If the master cylinder reservoir is full, the master cylinder is bad.

How much coolant does 1999 Chevy pickup 5.3 hold?

About 4 gallons of 50/50 mix

What is the coolant capacity for a 1994 Chevy S10 pickup 4 cylinder 2.2L?

Aprox 11 qts.

Why would your coolant leak on your 2002 Chevy pickup?

There are a number of reasons: 1. Faulty thermostat can cause the fluid to overheat and expand; thus causing the fluid to vent from the overflow pipe. 2. A punctured radiator hose, or a broken seal can cause loss of fluid. 3. Damaged radiator core.

Where is the coolant temp sensor on your 1992 ford F250 with a 5.8L?

The 1992 Ford F2 50 pickup truck 5.8 liter engine coolant temperature sensor can be found on the top of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be near the intake manifold.

Is the coolant temperature sensor on a 94 Toyota pickup in the same location as a 90 Toyota pickup?

Yes, but only if they are both the same configuration, i.e. both 4 cylinder or both V6

93 Chevy pickup and the heater just blows cold air?

check the coolant level first, low coolant will cause no heat, always check all fuses just in case

What are the symptoms of a bad thermostat in a sonoma pickup?

If it is stuck closed, the engine will overheat. If it is stuck open, the engine will take a long time to reach operating temp.

What causes the temperature to overheat but the engine be cold on a 1989 Toyota pickup?

i asked this question the tempture gage shows it is over heating but the engine is cold to touch