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It wouldn't make much of a vacuum leak to cause the engine to idle at high RPM. First check for vacuum leaks even though you may still have good manifold vacuum.

2006-07-24 04:10:04
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Q: Why does your 1996 corsica 3.1 idle super high replaced throttle pos sensor still does it has great vacuum?
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What is wrong with a 94 ford ranger jerking - replaced mass air flow sensor and throttle position sensor?

vacuum leak

1999 Saturn sL1 idles high?

throttle posistion sensor or vacuum leak

Why would an 2002 impala sputter when in idol mode?

could be a vacuum leak, or throttle positioning sensor

Where is the map sensor located on a 1995 Chevy 350 throttle body?

Passenger side of engine next to throttle body. It is the senor with the vacuum line running to it.

Where does a 87 Chevy 305 map sensor vacuum line connect?

on the back of the throttle body or intake port.

What would cause your 94 Mercury Tracer to idle rough and stall when stopped at a light We have already replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor and the Exhaust GAs Oxygen Sensor.?

Look for a vacuum leak. With the engine idling, anywhere you have a vacuum hose attached, Spray some throttle body cleaner at the connections and see if the engine idle picks up even just a bit. If it does, you have a vacuum leak. After checking if you do not find anything, at least spray some throttle body cleaner in the throttle body and clean the throttle blade up. Also try the Idle air Control Valve Located on top of your throttle body, or even the throttle position sensor

What cause of early shifting of automatic transmission?

A sensor has failed, and is reporting the wrong value to the transmission controller. Old transmissions: Probably the vacuum modulator or throttle position sensor. Also check the fluid level. New Transmissions: Output speed sensor, turbine speed sensor, throttle-position sensor, fluid pressure sensor, and sensors on the engine.

1997 Suburban low speed miss?

vacuum leak,plugs or plugwires,fuel filter,throttle positioning sensor,

Where is the map sensor located in 2000 Toyota Corolla?

its mounted on the fire wall with a vacuum hose coming from the throttle body to it

What sensor would cause engine to run at very low idle and often die?

If it's a sensor, it will usually be the TPS aka Throttle positioning Sensor, but most of the time it would be a Vacuum leak

What does an automotive Map Sensors do?

A MAP sensor is an anacronym for "Manifold Absolute Pressure" sensor. The sensor has a vacuum line going to it from an intake manifold vacuum port. It senses the amount of intake manifold vacuum or pressure depending on how far open the throttle (your foot) is when you drive. Wide open throttle-foot to the floor, dictates low vacuum in the intake manifold. This device is all part of your engine electronic control devices/sensors used to make your engine run at peak efficiency and perform its best.

Why is the idle speed on my 1997 T-100 too high?

Throttle position sensor bad, throttle butterfly stuck, severe vacuum leak. Check those three things.

For serving the vacuum sensor assy?

sensor assy vacuum

Where are the manifold absolute pressure sensor and the throttle position sensors located in a Toyota Camry?

on a 1992 Camry the map sensor is attached to the center of the firewall by a bracket and has a rubber vacuum hose connected to it.

Why would the idle jump in your 1996 Nissan 200sx I have already changed the throttle positioning sensor and I have tried everything else I can think of?

Vacuum leak ?

Where is the vacuum in port injection?

With a fuel port injection OR throttle body injection engine, the engine develops a partial vacuum between the throttle assembly and the intake valves. Note that there is never a true vacuum in ANY engine, and when the throttle is wide open, there is very little vacuum.

Why does Corsica stall when put in drive?

possibly a vacuum leak

What is the barometric pressure circuit on a 88 Chevy tbi 350?

It is commonly referred to as the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. It is simply a small black sensor box with a vacuum source coming from above the vacuum source on the throttle body and a wiring plug that goes to the ECM.

What can cause Malibu 98 to sputter and stop while parked?

Check the vacuum line on the map sensor for dry rot or other damage. If vacuum line on map sensor is in good condition the map sensor itself may be faulty and need replaced. The car will run with either a faulty map sensor or vacuum line. It would just run badly or stall. It might throw a code but not all the time. Also could be an ignition system problem or spark plugs needing replaced or the oxygen sensor may be faulty.

What makes a 2000 Toyota Tacoma be accelerated when turn on?

Electronic choke. It is the air temp sensor just upstream of the air box sending info to the throttle body in conjunction with the antifreeze temp sensor, located on the rear of the block near the firewall, telling the throttle body to increase fuel via a vacuum switch beside the throttle cable on the front side of the throttle body. I think. Maybe. Who knows.

Where to connect vacuum line for a vacuum advance?

Depends on the vehicle and how it is set up. Some are connected before the throttle plate (ported vacuum or delayed vacuum) and some are connected after the throttle plate (straight manifold vacuum). More info needed.

How do you replace the throttle position sensor in 94 ford e150 van 5.0?

Disconnect battery negative. You have to take off your throttle and cruise control cables from the top of your throttle body. Then unplug your idle motor and TP sensor. Then take and remove and mark all your vacuum hoses from the throttle body. Remove the 4 bolts holding the throttle body to the plenium. Unbolt the TPS and install in reverse. Get a new throttle body gasket in case you old one rips but I would use a new one anyway.

How do you fix O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2 on a 96 Chevy corsica?

If you have an oxygen sensor problem then there should be a check engine light "on." Have a repair shop scan and diagnosis the problem. You may not truly have a problem with the oxygen sensor as it could be a vacuum leak that makes the o2 sensor set a code.

Your 1984 fiero 2.5 2m4 is idleing around 2700 RPMs need troubleshooting you already replaced the oxygen sensor but its still idleing high?

It could either be a leaking vacuum line, EGR Valve or I believe its a idle position sensor on the throttle body. If you're looking for a vacuum leak, spray some WD-40 around the vacuum lines till the engine RPM increases. You'll know right away. If it is a vacuum leak it could also be where the intake manifold joins the engine. In either case it is not a good idea to drive it as it could ruin your engine.

2003 poniac sunfire idles up and down replaced the iac sensor and still didnt fix it what to do air leak in between the throttle body and the injecters cant find where its at any suggestions?

A leaky, disconnected or missing vacuum hose can produce the surging you're referring to. Check your tubing.