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usually the rough idling/running that clears when it comes on boost is caused by one of two things, firstly the AFM (Air Flow Metre) could be sits directly behind the Airfilter/Airbox and connects to the Turbo inlet pipe. or The Lambda sensor is faulty

2006-02-06 16:12:55
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Q: Why does your 1997 Fiat Punto GT Turbo have erratic idling and poor performance until the turbo kicks in?
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What are the signs of a faulty turbo?

A faulty turbo is indicated by pure black smoke when engine revs are above idling revs and it can also be shown by poor machine performance.

Heffner performance lamborghini gallardo lp560 twin turbo is faster or heffner performance lamborghini gallardo twin turbo is faster?

Twin Turbo.

Does the punto gt have a turbo?

yes it comes with IHI VL7 Turbocharger (Stock)

What gives more performance a twin turbo or a supercharger?

Twin Turbo.

Why does 1.3JTD grande punto hesitate when accelerating?

because it's only a 1.3 and because it's a turbo. look up turbo lag.

What is the percentage increase of power on the Punto Evo 1.4 liter 135bhp unit compared to the Grande Punto 1.4 TJet Turbo 120bhp unit?


What is the best performance modification you can do to your 1993 non turbo Nissan 300zx?

put on a turbo

What size engine does the Fiat Punto car have?

The Fiat Punto car has different size ranges. Ranging from 1.1 petrol to 1.2 8V. Also 1.2 16V, 1.3 diesel turbo 1.416V, 1.4 turbo, 1.8 hgt,1.9 diesel turbo, and 1.9 multijet. There are also more sizes.

Where is the computer located in a Fiat Punto GGT turbo?

The ECU is located under the Scuttle panel at the base of the windscreen

What does a intercooler do for a cars engine?

it cools the air compressed by the turbo from the turbo to the intake for better performance and maximum horsepower

Your fiat punto gt turbo does not rev over 4000 rpm it is smoking out the street with white smoke and the turbo is not working any ideas?

easy your yurbo oil seals are gone. white smoke is the turbo smoking. take out the turbo and check the blades for worn or movement. if ok buy a turbo rebuild kit from eBay and get a specialist to do it.

V-rod turbo or supercharger?

Trask performance makes turbo kits for Harley's, can be seen on link below.

Is a car with a turbo considered a performance car?

Most of them probably are. Like the porshe cayenne turbo is faster than the ordinary cayenne

Can you run a turbo car with no turbo?

It depends on the specific car. Some will be undriveable without the turbo, but in any case it will be severely out of tune. With the turbo missing you can expect, at best, reduced performance, reduced fuel economy, and increased emissions.

Increase performance ford festiva?

Mazda 323 swap? built for a turbo

Is the turbo engine better than the natural one?

When it comes to performance, yes.

What are the benefits of twin scroll turbo chargers in the performance application?

The twin scroll turbo chargers take less time to spool and it reacts faster instead of a single scroll turbo. Plus, it packs a bigger turbo boost to the engine u applied it to instead of a normal turbo.

What other cause is there for a turbo charger to surge given that fuel system air suction filter air cooler is satisfactory?

if the turbo is the factory equipped turbo and not an aftermarket/performance turbo, your wastegate solenoid may be malfunctioning or you may have a vacuum leak somewhere. Your turbo's wastegate actuator is run off vacuum, and it controls boost. If the actuator never actuates, the turbo will make way too much boost.If it is a performance/upgrade turbo, surge is caused by poor turbocharger design. You have to send the turbo to a turbo shop to fix the surge

Your 92 Volvo 940 turbo smokes when idling it is blue thick smoke?

Could be valve guides and seals clean crankcase breather .poss. backpresure

Can you put a turbo on a Pontiac G5 2.2 ecotec?

Yes, look up ZZP performance!

What turbo does the Ford Focus ST use?

The 2013 Ford Focus ST uses a 2.0 L turbo that was designed for sustained, high-output performance. It is a factory-overclocked turbocharger.

What grade gas should you use in a 2003 Jetta 1.8T?

91 Octane rating always with the turbo. The price difference is nominal compared to performance. The higher octane also ignites at a lower temperature, ensuring better ignition and better performance. Love that turbo - mine is a MKIV.

What is the engine size of your Fiat punto?

usuall engines are as follows, there are more; 1.1 1.2 8v 1.2 16v 1.4 16v 1.4 turbo 1.8 hgt 1.9 multijet

Can you put a turbo kit on my automatic 2006 cobalt?

yes but you will need to reprogram your computer for optimum performance any performance shop can do this for you it is cheaper than buying a reprogrammer yourself

Could you put a turbo on Nissan 300zx stock engine no stock turbo?

Yes you can, however it is only a minimal difference in performance and is very costly! I used to own a non turbo 1984 2+2, and it was a less than 10% add'l horsepower.