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If you have a carburetted engine, check the coasting valve. The vaccuum inside the valve can get a hole in it making a terrible honking noise. The coasting valve is to the right of the carburetor below the air cleaner. To check it, get your engine idling and disconnect the air line between the coasting valve and the air cleaner and put your finger over the line to make sure it isn't drawing air in. Disconnect the shutter solenoid valve. (on mine it's the yellow one) and then put your finger over the line again, this time it should be drawing air and idling roughly and at the same time the coasting valve rod should be pulled in by the suction. If it doesn't do these things your coasting valve is hooped. I hope that helps!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 17:41:53
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Q: Why does your 86 Mazda rx7 make a honking sound when it idles?
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