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Probably a misfire. Check your spark plugs, plug wires, and coil contacts.

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Which planets can youre without a telescope?

You can see six planets without a telescope. - Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

How far ahead should you look at highway speeds?

well if youre driving at high speed (80+) then you should look as far ahead as possible without losing focus on the road in front of you. If youre going normal driving speeds then about a quarter mile will do

If your still madly in love with your ex but cant handle fighting while being in a long distance relationship is it sometimes better to take a break without talking for a while?

well, if youre ex still likes you, then get back together. it also depentds, who is fighting, you and youre ex, or you and youre current lover??

Does it reach 40 centigrade in England?

No, not really, sometimes if youre lucky.

Living without serotonin in our bodies?

Youre gonna be deppressed.

What are the piano chords for youre the one?

Mainly D, A, G and sometimes B. All major.

What is a word for doing something without knowing?

youre subconsciously doing something

What animals at home without backbone?

if youre into spiders, bugs or snails they have no backbone

How do you get Lugia in platinum without migrating?

go to spear pillar and youre a NOOB

How long does it take to go 25 km?

depends if your walking running driving Walking it would take about 4 hours depending on the geography, Driving it would take u about 15 minutes if youre driving at 100km/h

Do smarts attract girls?

yes they do! sometimes. as long as you dont show off youre smarts and get annoying with them thenyea.

Why is prayer important in animism?

because without youre spirit will be sad and you wont be the same person

How many grams is a 20 sac of weed?

Sometimes it depends on where you are, and who youre buying it from. generally id say about 1.6 or 1.7 grams.

Will your girlfriend like you even if you did not drive this time do not say no?

yes she will like you as long as youre not a murder or a criminal than yes driving dont matter

Where to get free psp games without payingwith youre credit card?

You can go to www.egylines.org it's absolutly free

What are 3 thongs you can not do without electricity?

walk. eat. work out. please tell me youre more productive than this...

How do you get skinny when youre fat?

There's only one way without surgery. Eat less, move more.

If youre driving 65mph how long is 135 miles?

It will take about 2 hours and 4 minutes of total driving time at a constant 65 mph. Your total travel time will be longer if you slow down or stop along the way.

Is it funny to pretend to be Gollum?

it can be sometimes but Gollum has mental illness and when you were doing that youre just playing a game but its not healthy to actually copy Gollum

How did you say by in French?

aurevoir (if youre saying bye) par(if youre saying by like if youre writing a story)

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