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this system operates using the engine vacuum. it could be a vacuum leak .

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Q: Why does your 99 ford escort zx2 air only blow out the defrost?
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Why doesn't heat blow out floor only?

the heat blows out the defrost when it should blow out floor vents only

What would cause the Air Conditioning to only blow out the defrost vents in a 1999 Ford F-250 Diesel?

Some ford truck hvac systems will default to the defrost setting if the is a problem with the electrical or vaccum parts of the system. I encountered a ford truck that had a mouse living under the hood and chewed through the vacuum hoses and would only blow on defrost.Do a good visual check including electrical,such as fuses etc...

1995 ford escort lx Cooling fan only kicks on when you turn on the heater and set it to defrost the windshield?

The fan has two different ways to turn on in the Escort. Check the temperature gauge and its circuit as these control the fan when the engine heats up.

Why does ac air blow only out defrost on 97 lesabre?

you have to trick the ac computer by shuting it off then restarting it...

What would cause the ac to blow only through the defrost on a f250 ford diesel?

vacuum leak. look at the vac pump under the hood on the pass side and check the hoses for dry rot or cracks

Air vents on your 2005 f-250 6.0 diesel blow only out defrost ports and not from vent or floor What is going on?

you have a vacuum leak. defrost is the default when a vacuum leak is present.

How do you fix the vacuum line for a 99 GMC safari?

The AC does not blow on the main front vents. Only rear and defrost.

Why does your gmc sonoma blow only a little air out and the defrost only blows out the front vents?

why dont bottom vent doors not open on 2001 gmcsonoma

How many o2 sensors in a Ford Escort?

depending on the year there should only be one

1996 blazer air will only blow from defrost?

The default for heaters is to go to defrost if there is a problem in the system. You will have to get under the dash to find the problem. Probably best to take it in as they can get tricky without diagrams depending on the system

Why does ac and heater on 2000 f350 blow air through defrost when another position is selected ac clutch clicks and air still only blows through defrost?

You have vacuum line leaks somewhere.

Why would the ac only blow out the defrost vents in a 1997 GMC Jimmy?

check your vacum line to door by the gas pedal for vacum

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