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I have found that if you paint it red or yellow, it tips much more frenquently than if it is Green, or Camo Green. If you choose to paint it pink, watch for flying bullets, that wouldn't be too much fun.

2006-07-03 19:05:40
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How do you set up my water color palate color by color?

make a triangle on your paint palete and start by placing red, yellow, and blue in those 3 corners. That's it!

What is undercutting in paint?

Painting the edges and corners first.

What paint color tones down a salmon paint color?

how do you tone down the color salmon

Is paint a coat color?

No. Paint is not a color it is a breed. Pinto is a coat color that looks like a paint, yet can be on any other breed that alows it, but paint is it's own breed.

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What color colt will you have if you breed a paint to a sorrel?

It would depend on what color the Paint horse is. (Paint is a breed, Pinto is a marking, neither are an exact color.)

What does the word paint mean?

paint means any type of color that is color water but it drys to make paint

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Can you use a base paint without colorant added?

It is the paint, the color is just color and does not change the base paint. Depending on the grade of paint it may not cover as well as it would with color added.

What is color wash paint?

It is a type of paint

Can you paint with food color in your paint -?

No you can't

How does paint get its color?

Pigments are added to the paint.

What color wall paint goes with rust furniture?

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Can you see an almond color paint and a bisque color paint?

I can imagine them quite easily.

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Is there a such position as a post in basketball?

No. There is something called playing in the post, which means playing near the basket. The post positions are located on the blocks (low corners of the paint) and at the free throw line elbows (high corners of the paint).

Is paint the same as water color?

watercolor is a type of paint. oil, acrylic and water color are three different types of paint.

What color is a wall?

What ever color you paint it!

How do you get color?

You can get color from dye, paint, or stain.

How does a can of paint get its color?

Pigments are added to the paint. Pigments are added to the paint. Pigments are added to the paint.

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What does pxr paint code mean?

PXR is the color code for the paint color of the vehicle. If you take that color code to a auto paint supplier they can match the color exactly. I believe that is a Jeep color code for Brilliant Black Pearl Coat.

Can Sherwin Williams match a Benjamin Moore paint color?

Yes. Any paint store can match a Benjamin Moore paint color.

Auto Paint?

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Is there a paint on product that changes color if exposed to water?

A paint that changes color with water is not expressly available. However, tea sensitive paint can be changed color with water of different temperatures!