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its not spossed may need to balance your tires

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Q: Why does your Car start to shake after 45 mph?
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Can a car doing 45 mph with 12 inch wheels travel faster than a car doing 45 mph with 18 inch wheels?

45 mph is the same as 45 mph. How can one of the two be faster?

Why does your 2000 Mitsubishi galant shake at 35 MPH and again at 45 MPH?

I should have said that the car seems to sputter at those speeds rather than shake so I don't think it's a tire problem which most people tend to think of.

What makes a Pontiac montana shake at 45 mph?

It is possible that the shaking in a Pontiac Montana at 45 MPH is the result of failing bearings or tie rod ends.

Two cars are traveling a distance of 10 miles One car travels at 35 mph and the other car travels at 45 mph How much sooner did the 45 MPH car arrive than the 35 MPH ca?


Which travels faster a car doing 45 mph with size 12 wheels or a car doing 45 mph with size 18 wheels?


What causes VW Passat front end to shake at 45 mph and stop at 60 mph?

problem with your transmission in 5th gear

Why does your truck shake at 30-45 mph?

Wheels are probably out of balance or you may have a bad tire.

Why does a freighliner century truck steering shake at 40-45 mph?

Tires and/or wheels out of balance?

If a car travels 90 mph in 1 in a half hours is its speed 45 mph?


At 45 mph how many feet per second does a car travel going 45 mph?

66 feet per second.

What type of energy a car is traveling 45 mph have?

Kinetic Energy

How long would it take a car to accelerate from 20 mph to 45 mph if its acceleration is 10 mphsec?

a = (vf - v0)/Δt 10 mph/s = (45 mph - 20 mph)/Δt Δt = 2.5 s

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