Why does your Harley wobble?

The Harley Davidson company has never admitted to the existence of what has been called the "Harley Davidson wobble". But there are many and different opinions about this as anyone can see by doing a short internet search. According to what some people maintain, the wobble is an alleged construction fault in certain types of Harley Davidson motorcycles, resulting in loss of control over the rear wheel of the motorcycle with unforeseeable consequences. Before jumping to conclusions there are several things that I want to stress. First, Harley Davidson is without question an extremely respectable company with a long history. The company and what it stands for has long since become an unisputed legend in the world of motorcycles. What is more, Harley Davidson produces motorcycles of such special character and uniqueness as to be virtually without mentionable competitors in its line of business. This is because their bikes are designed and developed from a certain point of view, based on a concept that is at once classical and modern. I personally find it very difficult to believe that a company of such enormous significance and reputation would ever put a motorcycle on the streets that was not perfectly safe. Another matter is, how do people drive motorcycles - do they drive them in an equally safe way? I should say that the facts show this is not always the case. Any motorcycle has its limits and so have their drivers. When those limits are overriden then accidents can occur. This is equally true of all motorcycles.