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Why does your car run poorly?

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Cars can run poorly for a number of different reasons. The car may need to have the oil changed, or it could be low on gas. It is best to perform routine maintenance so the car performs better and little problems do not become big, expensive ones.

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What happen if diesel put in the petrol car?

Car will run poorly if at all.

Will an bad oxygen sensor make your car not run or start?

No, it will run poorly but it will start and run.

Will faulty oxygen sensor make a car not start?

No. It may run poorly but it will start and run.

What happens when a car does not run properly?

When your car does not run properly you need to assess why. You should take your car to a mechanic if you're having problems with it. It will run poorly, waste gasoline and pollute the air.

How will a car run with a defective iac motor?

Poorly, it may idle to high or not at all.

Will the car start if the ignition coil is bad?

The engine will either not start, or run poorly if the coil is bad.

What would cause a car to run poorly until it reaches operating temp?

I would test the temperature sensor first. Then have the car scanned.

Will oxygen sensor cause a car not to start on a Chevy Lumina 97?

The car will start and run poorly in the limp mode and the check engine light will illuminate.

What will happen if you disconnect your ai flow meter?

The air entering the system will be unmetered, allowing the car to run poorly if at all.

What happens if your car needs an air filter?

The car will run 'rich'. There will be more smoke from the exhaust and less power available. Fuel consumption will suffer. The engine will run poorly. If not attended to it could stop working altogether

What are the symptoms of bad Distributor Cap?

The cylinders will misfire making the car run very poorly. Probable hard starting as well.

What can happend when you drive with old gas?

Nothing car will run poorly if at all until new gas is ran thru the engine.

What a camshaft sensor does?

cheap back up to crank sensor. it may allow the car to run with out crank sensor, though poorly

Can you drive after car throw rod?

In most cases, no. Although, I have seen engines "throw a rod" and continue to run, poorly but not for long.

Will a car run if plug wires are crossed?

If two wires are crossed it will run, poorly but run. If more than two are crossed it probably won't have enough power to move the vehicle if it runs at all.

What will happen if the o2 value goes bad on your car?

Check engine light will appear, engine may run poorly and fuel mileage will drop.

Can a faulty thermostat on a 97 eclipse cause the car to run poorly after heating up spit and sputter?


Could clogged catalytic converter cause transmission problems?

It can make the engine run so poorly that it seems like the transmission has problems.It can make the engine run so poorly that it seems like the transmission has problems.

What causes a diesel car to emit alot of black smoke and engine misfire and run poorly?

one of the causes of all three symptoms is a bad fuel injector

Will a gas line leak stop a car from starting?

Only if the leak is large enough that enough gas is not getting to the engine. Otherwise, it should run but very poorly.

Can a 4 cylinder motor run on 3 cylinders?


What does the haitie government do?

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What are the symptoms if water gets into diesel car engine?

A small amount of water, engine will idle poorly and lose power. A large amount of water, engine will cease to run.

Why does a Chevy305 run poorly with open headers?

poor air flow can cause your motor to run sluggish

What does stale gas do to an engine?

Makes it hard to start and run poorly.

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